New in 2021 — Shop jewelry added to the MIMOSA Collection this year

New in 2021 — Shop jewelry added to the MIMOSA Collection this year

We've got our brand NEW pieces all right here! Scroll through to see which pieces joined the collection in 2021, learn their stories, and maybe even gift one or two this holiday season. 

(Psst...if you're shopping for someone who seems to already have all the MIMOSA, this might be a good place to start!)


Apricus: Adjective (Latin) sunny, having lots of sunshine, warmed by the sun

"Warmed by the sun" — who knew there was even a word for arguably one of the most relaxing, wholesome, good-for-your-soul sensations out there. 

There's just something about a little time in the sun that makes all the difference.

This little-known Latin word is quickly becoming one of our favorites, even though it never quite made it into our English dictionaries or day-to-day conversations. In a way, it feels like a well-kept secret that we're so glad to be in on :)


The Victorians had a way of infusing meaning and sentiment into the littlest things, turning once ordinary objects and belongings into symbolic keepsakes to be shared and cherished between friends, family, and lovers.

The popular 19th century belt and buckle
jewelry has always been some of our most favorite. 

As a symbol of love, it represents the binding
love between the wearer and the giver. In mourning, the pieces were a sweet symbol of
the strength that holds us together through grief.

We designed this piece to be a simple, timeless addition to any collection.



Bubbles have long been one of the most universal "aesthetics of joy."

Almost any time a big bubble floats byyou'll be transported back to that childlike wonder we could all use more of.

This particular piece was made in honor of our friend Jenny Iverstine (queen of bubbles) and author of "Circles + Scissors, Handwashing Made Fun For Kiddos." Read the full story of the Bubbles Cuff.





Last year, we worked together with Dialogue on Race Louisiana to find a symbol that might in some way capture the essence of DORLA and share a bit of the story of the good work they do in our community. After zoom meetings, phone conversations, research, and feedback, we
landed on the cicada.

Read the full story of the Cicada Collection.

In honor of the almost one-year anniversary of the Cicada Pendant launch, we'd like to introduce the Cicada Cuff! We'll be offering a limited run of 50 bronze Cicada Cuffs.

Until November 20, 2021, 10% of the proceeds of each Cicada Pendant and Cicada Cuff purchased will be donated to 
Dialogue on Race Louisiana.




Dachshund, wiener dog, sausage dog, doxin, doxie, weenie dog... Whatever you call them, chances are if you have one, you're obsessed
with it.

I have a handful of family members and friends who taught me this firsthand. ;)

It wasn't until a special, long-time customer drove the point home with her (many ;) requests for a custom dachshund cuff that I realized just how much the people who love them LOVE THEM.

When it comes to dogs here at MIMOSA, we are absolutely smitten. So, we get it. At any time, we have at least 3 or 4 dogs in the shop, a permanent dog treat jar, and they almost always make it into our team photo shoots.

This cuff was a fun one to make. Expect more
K9-inspired pieces in our future.

There are currently less than 50 of each available, so if you need a tiny, wearable version of your favorite pup, order yours now!




Have you ever been in a meeting or class and found yourself clicking your pen, tapping the table or fidgeting in general?

It’s probably safe to say most of us have at some point. Whether it’s nervous energy, boredom or just plain old ants in your pants, we find our fingers searching for something to fiddle with.

The Daydreamer Cuff is equal parts wearable
art + fidgety gadget. 

You can use it as a way to funnel some of that frenetic energy during a zoom call, mindlessly run your fingers back and forth as you daydream, ground yourself in something tactile when you need to get out of your head, or even occupy a little one for a few minutes. 

Think of it as your very own grown-up version of those fun bead coasters we played with in the waiting room at the doctors office :) 




The gumball collection was inspired by the nostalgic fun of dropping a coin into a gumball machine and crossing your fingers you get the one you want!

Gumball and vending machine toys have been making us smile since the turn of the century. We took this experience to the next
level with a timeless collection of original hand-carved, lost-wax-cast pieces.

Read the full story of the Gumball Collection.







Inspired by and named after our talented former Head of Production Grace Holden!

This little piece is perfect for layering or wearing every day all on its own.










Our most geometric collection yet! Each piece in the Grid Collection will nestle in or stack nicely with all your favorite MIMOSA. Read the full story of the Grid Collection.











We all have good habits we'd love to incorporate into our life.

Whether it's to drink more water, take more walks or check in with more friends and family, this bracelet can be your reminder and tracker
to do just that. Read the full story of the Habit Tracker Cuff.









A custom piece made in collaboration with Red Arrow Workshop joins our Louisiana Burst Pendant.

Just a little way to show your love for Louisiana. :)










These beautiful letterpress versions of our
favorite jewelry designs were made by our talented friends at Blackbird Letterpress.

These flat note cards are frame worthy whether you are looking for a sweet piece of art for yourself or someone else, and they are the perfect companion when gifting MIMOSA! 






This belt buckle is TOUGH enough for survival and NICE enough to wear to a wedding!

It has a knife to cut open boxes, a bottle opener to open your favorite drink, and a secret hiding place to keep little things (because the kid in all of us still loves a secret hiding place.)

This belt comes with a beautifully handcrafted leather belt by our talented friend Damien Mitchell.  Read the full story of the Manmosa
Belt Buckle.








Our namesake collection was inspired by our favorite tree, the Mimosa tree. It's special to us
for sentimental reasons, but we also love what it represents.

The Mimosa tree is known as the "Tree of Collective Happiness," and that captures exactly what we're working to achieve more of in the world. Read the full story of the Mimosa Leaf Collection.







This cuff was inspired by the beautiful and rare Pecky Cypress found deep in the swamps, bayous, and rivers of south Louisiana. 

A fungus creates elongated holes in the wood, making Pecky Cypress quite recognizable. It's exceedingly rare, hard to find, and expensive when you do find it. 

This piece is a nod to the hidden treasures of south Louisiana.








We added a small version of our Pelican Rising Pendant! 

The Pelican Rising Pendants are the newest additions to our Pelican Collection.








The squirrel has become one of our very favorite tiny wildlife friends, and we created this piece in honor of them! Read the full story of the Squirrel Cuff.











While we primarily offer solid cast jewelry in bronze, sterling silver, and 14k gold, you’ll also
find a handful of gold-filled jewelry on our website. This includes our assortment of gold-filled studs!

Shop our newest stud earrings below or shop
the full studs collection

Learn more about gold-filled jewelry.






tac·tile /ˈtaktl,ˈtakˌtīl/ adjective
“designed to be perceived by touch”

That definition captures EXACTLY what this bracelet was designed to be.

Something beautiful and interesting to wear
but also something like a miniature amusement park for your fingers to escape to! Read the full story of the Tactile Cuff.







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Published 11/2/21; Last Updated 7/19/21

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