Each piece in our Friendship Bracelet collection was inspired by the hours we spent hand-weaving our first wearable art with our best friends.

      We spent months recreating each nostalgic band into solid, wearable metal. We wove and braided like we were ten years old and, with lots of trial and error, were finally able to create a timeless collection of instant classics.

      • The “Ashley” was made by taking a “boondoggle keychain” mold from narrow, flat plastic lace braided in a box weave. 
      • The “Corrie” was created by molding a simple slide knot bracelet — the kind we collected every color of until our arms were full.
      • The “Michelle” was made by molding a “candy stripe” embroidery-thread woven bracelet made in summer camps for decades.

      This project was challenging, but the outcome was better than we had hoped. The closer you look, the more detail you’ll see. Each thread looks like actual woven metal!

      We are as happy to share this collection with you now as we were as kids sharing these bracelets with our friends. :)

      Read the full story of the Friendship Bracelet Collection.

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