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    We believe in the power of connection and the importance of telling your story. We are constantly striving to learn and grow and send our best work into the world, and we have fun while we do it. We believe we are given to give and that goods purchased with us should be good paid forward. We have huge hearts and hard working hands and we hope you feel both in our work!

    Team Mimosa

    Our work is like that group project back in grade school, but our group is made up of all the kids who cared the most in class ;)

    Madeline Subat Ellis

    Founder/Creative Director


    With the encouragement (and nudge she needed) from her husband Dawson, Madeline officially started MIMOSA in 2008. She left her career as a landscape architect to pursue MIMOSA full time in 2012. She spent years doing all the things it takes to run a tiny startup and is now beyond thankful for the team that makes what we do possible. She spends her days designing jewelry, carving new pieces in wax, and helping out around the shop wherever needed.

    Dawson Ellis

    Owner/Head Stone Setter/Too many things to list "The Stoner"


    Dawson, former Landscape Architect and serial entrepreneur, sold his company to join MIMOSA in August 2015. He does everything from make and create jewelry and setting stones to adding a second story to the shop when we need it. There is no way a title could capture what he brings to the table. Just trust us when we say he’s multi-faceted ;) In his free time, he's probably playing golf.

    Greta Jines

    Head of Content Creation "Media Maestro"


    Greta joined MIMOSA in August 2017. She coordinates and plans all of our content creation like a true maestro! Most days, you can find her writing blog posts & newsletters and creating content for social media. She also happily helps with too many other things to list! Away from us, she's probably tending to her growing garden, planning adventures, or walking her sweet rescue dog Daphne.

    Donna May

    Buffing & Wax Technician/Stone Setting Specialist


    Donna started out as a long time customer from Lafayette and eventually joined our team in 2018. She's the "Master of Making Things Shiny" — buffing and polishing jewelry to perfection. She also spends her time setting so many of the beautiful stones you see in our pieces (usually with her dog Jimi by her side :) She's a curator of all things vintage, a damn good DJ, and makes the sweetest beaded jewelry for her shop @shop_yes_no.

    Samantha Wood

    Shipping & Logistics Coordinator "Mayor of Ship’s Creek"


    Samantha started full time at MIMOSA in 2019. She is head of all things shipping where she carefully fills and ships your orders and processes your returns & exchanges — all with her rescue, Millie (the sweetest shop dog) napping beside her. She loves numbers and spreadsheets and uses both to help us do our best work possible. When she isn't with us, she's likely working on one of her gorgeous stained glass pieces for her shop @lastlightglassworks.

    Samara thomas

    Head of Production "Mum of Wax City"


    Samara joined MIMOSA in 2019 as seasonal help and thankfully went full time in 2020! She started out on the buffing team but has worked her way into the wax room where she oversees production. She spends her days creating and building our wax trees that are cast into all of the jewelry we send into the world. She's a wildly talented artist from the UK focused primarily on botanical ink drawings. She sells her work online at and at the Mid City Makers Market!

    Anna Catherine Cuccio

    Production Technician/ Casting Assistant "The Investor"


    Anna Catherine joined MIMOSA full time in 2020 but she's been working arts markets with us for over 10 years! She’s always up for learning something new and is multi-talented enough to be good at all of it! She's taken on the roles of buffing and finishing jewelry, assisting in casting, and helping out with wax production. Besides all of that, she is one of the kindest hearted and hardworking souls we know.

    Sarah Davis

    Director of Operations "Capability Catalyst"


    Sarah joined the MIMOSA team part time in fall 2020 as seasonal help, but she was so good we begged her to stay (and she did!). Now she's with us full time and manages all things inventory, shop supplies, receiving, transfers, project execution and overall shop efficiency. She asks questions and digs deeper to make everything better and then she executes - ALL THE TIME. Away from work, you can find her cheering on her favorite football team! #geauxtigers :)

    Charles Gaspard


    (Wednesday Guy :)

    Charles has been coming in every Wednesday for over a year! He started out working mostly with Dawson and Andrew doing odd jobs around the shop but has since worked his way to finishing jewelry alongside the buffing team. He takes on every new challenge and almost always masters it. We only wish we could have him more than just Wednesdays :)

    Andrew Kennedy

    Head Caster "Funky Flask Master Caster"


    Andrew joined us in 2020 as a true jack-of-all-trades, ready and willing to try anything. He tried casting and was so good at it he became our head caster. He refined the process so well that he does it in half the time it used to take us. He's become a vital part of the buffing team, clipping freshly cast pieces, cleaning, shaping and prepping them for final buffing. When he's not casting or buffing, he's probably with Dawson building or fixing something around the shop!

    Blair root

    Retail/Sales "Shopette Shop Girl"


    Blair is tied with Anna Catherine for first actual employee at MIMOSA. She was helping ship orders and assemble jewelry back when it was just Madeline in a closet sized office starting out. She's modeled for us over the years but officially joined MIMOSA fully time in May 2022.

    On the days she's not helping customers at the Shopette she's visiting wholesale customers.

    In her free time she's hanging out with her husband Andrew (our master caster) and their sweet pups!