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    Caring for your MIMOSA jewelry is simple! We broke down a few quick (and important) tips about keeping your MIMOSA like new in these short videos and listed our
    complete care tips below!

    If you ever have any questions you don't see an answer for here, contact us!
    We'd love to help however we can.

    A little soap and water goes a long way!

    A quick guide to bronze jewelry, including how to prevent skin from
    turning green!

    A how-to video all about putting on and adjusting your new cuff!

    A how-to video about keeping your MIMOSA from breaking!

    Here are a few more tips for caring for your MIMOSA Jewelry:

    • Remove your MIMOSA jewelry before doing any of the following: swimming, gardening, bathing, or sleeping.
    • Refrain from wearing your MIMOSA jewelry while cleaning, as certain chemicals can damage and tarnish the jewelry. Soap buildup can occur on your jewelry. Chlorine and bleach can discolor your piece as well. 
    • Keep your jewelry in your MIMOSA dust bag to limit damage to your piece when you are not wearing it.
    • Steel wool will polish bronze and brass quickly.
    • Use a bronze polish cream to restore a shiny finish on your bronze pieces. 
    • Bronze — Because brass and bronze contain mostly copper, they should be treated similarly. Over time, these metals can naturally develop a patina, depending on wear and how they are kept. The patina look, while beautiful and desirable as well, can be buffed away to reveal the original bright golden color at any time. Simply use a gentle brass or bronze polish as needed. Store pieces in their MIMOSA dust cover in a dry place.
    • Sterling Silver — Silver buffs itself with more wear but tends to tarnish while stored. To return silver to its bright shine, use a gentle silver jewelry polish.
    We use a true bronze composed of 90% copper and a bit of tin. With a warm, deep bronze color and rich red undertones, it takes a beautiful patina. It is a wonderful, affordable alternative to 14K gold. 
    We envision your MIMOSA pieces as lifetime investments, so each is cast in solid bronze, silver or 14K gold. There is no plating or wearing away of a top layer; what you see is what you get! Solid cast metals are durable and long lasting. Archeologists are still digging up ancient bronze jewelry in beautiful condition to this day.
    Because bronze is primarily composed of copper, it can cause the same oxidation reaction with your skin oils. This reaction can create a greenish layer of copper carbonate. It is easily washed off. You can prevent or reduce the oxidation by keeping your jewelry clean, washing it regularly with soap and water and drying thoroughly after. 
    To further reduce the possibility of oxidation, take your jewelry off at night, when doing yard work and during exercise.