Caring for your MIMOSA jewelry is simple! We’ve highlighted a few quick (and important) tips about keeping your MIMOSA like new in these short videos and listed our complete care tips below! 

If you ever have any questions that you don't see an answer for here, contact us! We'd love to help however we can.

A little soap and water go a long way!

A quick guide to bronze jewelry, including how to prevent skin from
turning green!

A how-to video all about putting on your new cuff!

A how-to video about adjusting your cuff!

We envision your MIMOSA pieces as lifetime investments, so each is cast in solid bronze, sterling silver, or 14K gold. There is no plating or wearing away of a top layer; what you see is what you get!

Solid cast metals are durable and long lasting. Archeologists are still digging up ancient bronze jewelry in beautiful condition to this day.

Here are a few more tips for caring for your MIMOSA Jewelry:

  • Keep your jewelry in a safe and dry place to limit moisture exposure and damage to your piece when it's not being worn. If you have a MIMOSA dust cover, we recommend using it to store your jewelry.
  • Any activity that exposes your bronze jewelry to moisture or humidity can cause it to tarnish more quickly. We recommend removing your MIMOSA jewelry before swimming, gardening, and bathing.
  • Soaps, lotions, and hand creams can cause buildup on your MIMOSA.

  • Harsh chemicals can damage, tarnish, or discolor your jewelry.

  • Acidic substances can also discolor your jewelry. We do not recommend using ketchup to polish your jewelry.

  • A non-scratch scouring pad (like this one) with a little dishwashing soap and water will polish bronze quickly.  Once the piece is dry, follow up with a jewelry cleaning cloth to restore your jewelry’s shine.
    *Not for use on gold-filled jewelry. Jewelry with stones should be cleaned professionally.*

  • Put on and adjust your jewelry carefully. Adjust your cuff or adjustable ring one time to find a comfortable fit. Repeated adjusting can weaken the metal and cause it to break.

Bronze is composed of mostly copper with a little bit of tin. It has a warm, deep bronze color and rich red undertones. It is also a wonderful, affordable alternative to 14K gold. — Read "Bronze Jewelry - What to know about MIMOSA's most popular metal jewelry."

Because bronze contains mostly copper, it can naturally develop a patina over time. The patina look, while beautiful and desirable as well, can be buffed away to reveal the original bright golden color at any time. — Read "Cleaning & Caring for Bronze Jewelry."

Sterling silver buffs itself with more wear but tends to tarnish while stored. To return silver to its bright shine, use a gentle silver jewelry polish. — Read "How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry — MIMOSA Handcrafted's Guide to Keeping Your Sterling Silver Sparkling."

Among the cast jewelry you’ll find in the MIMOSA collection, we also offer a handful of gold-filled jewelry. While we do not make these gold-filled pieces in-house, some are still assembled or hand-set with stones at our shop.

To put it simply, gold-filled is in between solid gold and gold-plated. — Read "Gold-Filled Jewelry — What is it anyway?"

From time to time we receive questions about "green skin" so we put together an in-depth blog post about why this can happen and how to curb it! — Read Why Does Bronze Turn My Skin Green?