Bronze Jewelry — What To Know About MIMOSA's Most Popular Metal Jewelry

Bronze Jewelry — What To Know About MIMOSA's Most Popular Metal Jewelry

Out of all the lost-wax cast metal jewelry in the MIMOSA collection, bronze is our tried and true go-to metal.

And whether you’re new to MIMOSA or already have a collection of your own, we want to tell you about the metal that makes MIMOSA jewelry.

What is bronze? 

Bronze is made up of mostly copper and a little bit of tin. Polished bronze has a warm, golden tone that we think makes for quite lovely jewelry. Because they are similar in color, bronze also pairs well with solid gold and gold-filled jewelry — also found in the MIMOSA collection.

But while we cast our pieces in bronze, sterling silver, and 14K gold, bronze is our most popular metal. 

Bronze has been around longer than all of us here now (and will probably still be around long after we're gone!)  

An antique bronze jewelry necklace

Pictured: Antique bronze necklace

A scoop of bronze casting grain in a smaller container

Pictured: Bronze casting grain (or really tiny pieces of bronze metal)

Why we chose bronze & why it's the most popular

Our team makes all of our bronze jewelry in-house at our south Louisiana studio using the lost-wax casting method.

The Longevity of Bronze

The piece you purchase today will last for many years to come. We make jewelry that inspires through beauty, nature, and the human experience and can become deeply sentimental family heirlooms.

Bronze is a great alternative to solid gold jewelry

Bronze is a more affordable metal jewelry alternative while still offering a similar color. Truthfully, if a solid gold piece wasn’t stamped “14K,” it may be difficult to tell the difference! Upon a closer look, bronze has a warmer, reddish undertone, while 14K yellow gold is a brighter yellow.

It's suitable for everyday wear

We want you to enjoy your MIMOSA pieces and make them part of every day.

We recommend following our care guidelines to help your bronze jewelry maintain its shiny, golden appearance and promote its longevity. 


ASL I love you symbol cast as a necklace charm in sterling silver, 14K gold, and bronze metals

Pictured from left to right - an ASL I Love You Pendant in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, and bronze.


Bronze FAQ

Is our bronze jewelry plated or dipped?

Our jewelry is solid bronze with no plating or dipping. This means the golden color you see on a freshly polished piece of ours is raw bronze! Its golden color won’t chip or flake away to reveal a base metal.

Will bronze jewelry tarnish or change color?

Over time and with wear, bronze jewelry can develop a natural patina or tarnish. However, it can be cleaned and polished to restore its original shiny, golden appearance.


Why does my bronze jewelry turn my skin green?

Our skin turning green has everything to do with the acid in our skin. It reacts to the copper in the bronze and creates a tarnish that can rub off on us!

Ever notice it’s more likely to happen when you’re sweating or dehydrated? Some of us are naturally acidic, and it almost doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing - it will happen.

There ARE a few things you can do to curb the green:
    1. Paint the inside of the piece with clear fingernail polish.
    2. Don’t wear your pieces when you're sweating. (South Louisiana means that’s pretty much always — in that case, see #1. ;)
    3. Go GOLD! 14K gold is certainly an investment, but it’s an option we offer.



    philodendron leaf earrings, a pelican bracelet, and a magnolia flower necklace cast in bronze metal

    Every jewelry piece you see offered on our website is available and photographed in bronze (with the exception of a handful of gold-filled jewelry options - see our gold-filled jewelry here)

    If you have any questions about MIMOSA's bronze jewelry you don't see answered here, contact us and let us know.  

    *Please Note: Our bronze is nickel free.



    Published 12/21/21; Last Updated 10/19/22

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