MIMOSA Handcrafted Friendship Bracelets Collection

MIMOSA Handcrafted Friendship Bracelets

Weaving string and yarn into wearable keepsakes for me and my best friends was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. You could say it was the tiny seed of jewelry-making that became MIMOSA. All the patterns, colors, and styles of friendship bracelets are perfect for creating endless combinations on long, lazy summer days.

This summer felt like a milestone of making memories come full circle. My daughter came home with her first friendship bracelet and a burning desire for a box full of embroidery thread like my grandmother gave me at her age.

We started knotting bracelets for each other, family, and friends. We learned new patterns, styles, and techniques.

MIMOSA Handcrafted Friendship Bracelets

Somewhere in there, I remembered that first feeling of creating something from little and the sense of satisfaction from working with your hands, creating something special, and sharing it with the world. I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

I hope this friendship bracelet collection reminds you of your earliest years of creativity when the goal was making and having fun.

This friendship bracelet collection was created for you, for your friends, new and old, and for the forever desire to “tie” ourselves together with wearable keepsakes.

MIMOSA Handcrafted Slide-Knot Friendship Bracelets

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The Friendship Bracelets Collection

Each piece in our Friendship Bracelet collection was inspired by the hours we spent hand-weaving our first wearable art with our best friends.

We spent months recreating each nostalgic band into solid, wearable metal. We wove and braided like we were ten years old making friendship bracelets and, with lots of trial and error, were finally able to create a timeless collection of instant classics.

  • The “Ashley” friendship bracelet was made by taking a “boondoggle keychain” mold from narrow, flat plastic lace braided in a box weave. 
  • The “Corrie” friendship bracelet was created by molding a simple slide knot bracelet — the kind we collected every color of until our arms were full.
  • The “Michelle” friendship bracelet was made by molding a “candy stripe” embroidery-thread woven bracelet made in summer camps for decades.

This friendship bracelet project was challenging, but the outcome was better than we had hoped. The closer you look, the more detail you’ll see. Each thread looks like actual woven metal!

We are as happy to share this collection with you now as we were as kids sharing these friendship bracelets with our friends. :)

The MIMOSA Handcrafted Slide-Knot Friendship Bracelet, Named Corrie, In Bronze and Sterling Silver

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The MIMOSA Handcrafted String Weave Friendship Bracelet, Named Michelle, In Bronze and Sterling Silver

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How We Named the MIMOSA Handcrafted Friendship Bracelets

Grown-Up Summer Camp at The Renewal Retreat

From Madeline:

Early this summer, I snuck off for a long weekend with some of my best friends to a grown-up version of summer camp in a tiny, sleepy Texas town.

A Old Blue Truck In The Tiny Town Of Smithville, Texas

Instead of singing loud camp songs, we sat in a silent meditation circle in the forest; instead of bouncing between games, we eased into art classes, where the sole purpose was to enjoy the process. Instead of staying up late trashing each other's cabins, we sat on the porch under the stars, asking all the questions about life, after, before, and in between.

The "camp" was called the "Renewal Retreat" hosted by my friend Michelle. She hosts them bi-annually for a small group of women in Smithville, Texas. If you haven't been, you can see that it's something right out of a movie in these photos.

Making Art at Michelle Gardella's Renewal Retreat in Smithville, Texas

If you're interested, contact her to find out about the next one. Michelle has an unquenchable desire to remind us to make art (whether ugly, fun, or healing) for no reason other than its goodness for our souls. I could write a book about her, but it would be easier to follow her on Instagram and get to know her for yourself.

The retreat was a gift — Time spent with some of the most incredible people I know (my BFF Rosie - namesake to our "Rosie Ring" included) and some of the coolest people I got to know.

Making Art at Michelle Gardella's Renewal Retreat in Smithville, Texas

I rode to the retreat with my friends Ashley and Corrie, and we didn't take a breath from talking the whole way. Ashley is a biologist/artist/squirrel rehabber/and my cousin. <3 We were destined to be besties for all those reasons and a million more. Corrie is the kind of friend you have to pull away from like velcro because the time with her is always so dang good.

When it came time to name our new friendship bracelet collection, it was no question whose names it would be: Michelle, Ashley, and Corrie. It's funny that, even as an adult, saying, "You are my friend; here is something I made for you to wear," is a vulnerable thing to do. But how beautiful is it to still be moved to do such things? The spirit of friendship-bracelet making was woven throughout the Renewal Retreat and, hopefully, the rest of our days.

Spending Time In Nature at Michelle Gardella's Renewal Retreat 

More MIMOSA Handcrafted Friendship Bracelets and Jewelry for Your Best Friends

Beyond friendship bracelets, the MIMOSA Handcrafted collection has no shortage of friendship jewelry. If you're looking for a thoughtful keepsake to share with friends, here are a few more favorites.

MIMOSA Handcrafted Friendship Jewelry — The Soul Friend Jewelry Collection

The words Anam Cara in Ogham are depicted in each piece of our Soul Friend jewelry. Ogham is an ancient script used to write the early Irish language from 300-800 AD. Anam Cara is Gaelic for "soul friend" — a friendship where your soul finds its most kindred companionship.

Wear this piece to remind you of your Anam Cara, everything they are for you, and the gift of their presence in your life. Or gift it to your Anam Cara as a next-level BFF necklace along with a piece from our friendship bracelet collection.

Read "Grown-Up Best Friend Jewelry — The Soul Friend Collection."

MIMOSA Handcrafted Soul Friend Jewelry Collection in Bronze

Shop the Soul Friend Bar Necklace

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MIMOSA Handcrafted Friendship Jewelry — The Laura, Margaret, & Rosie Rings

These beauties are named after three beautiful souls I've been lucky enough to call friends for the last 15+ years — Laura, Margaret, and Rosie.

We all met getting our degrees in Landscape Architecture at LSU, and saying we've done some life together is an understatement. Besides countless all-nighters building landscape models in school, we traveled the US coast to coast together and a handful of other countries, including Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and India. Rosie and I even did a little landscape internship in Beijing for a semester.

Since graduation, we've been busy raising families, starting businesses, and doing markets alongside each other. 

The MIMOSA Handcrafted Margaret, Laura, and Rosie Turquoise Rings

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MIMOSA Handcrafted Friendship Jewelry — The Hug Collection

A wearable hug to share with your friends wherever they are, anytime they need it.

Read "Wearable Hug Jewelry — The Story of Our Hug Cuff & Ring."

The MIMOSA Handcrafted Hug Bracelet

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Have a sweet story about MIMOSA jewelry shared between friends? 

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Published 9/28/23; Last Updated 10/18/23

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