The MIMOSA Handcrafted Cicada Necklace

The Cicada — A collaboration between MIMOSA and Dialogue on Race Louisiana

In 2020, we worked together with Dialogue on Race Louisiana to find a symbol that might, in some way, capture the essence of DORLA and share a bit of the story of the good work they do in our community. After Zoom meetings, phone conversations, research, and feedback, we landed on the cicada.

Read more about DORLA's work and why we chose the cicada below.

From its launch in 2020 to November 20, 2021, 10% of the proceeds of each Cicada pendant and Cicada Cuff (cuff no longer available for purchase) purchased were donated to Dialogue on Race Louisiana. 


"Dialogue on Race Louisiana is dedicated to the elimination of institutional racism through education, action, and transformation. Its core program, the Dialogue on Race Series, is a local community-led educational entity providing an enlightened understanding of racism in a non-threatening, respectful environment.

"Racism, in today's age is often subtle, unspoken, and unaddressed in communities. Through the study of history and current events, the series considers individual acts in terms of how they are dealt with by a larger institution, specifically looking at how institutions operate at all levels to ensure full access to all races equally. In the Dialogue process, 'meaning' evolves collectively through mutual understanding and acceptance of diverse points of view.

"The DORLA vision is to have a community where everyone knows that all institutional opportunities and access are fully available to them regardless of their color." - DORLA

Learn more about Dialogue on Race Louisiana and sign up for one of their sessions!



From Madeline: Maxine Crump is the Founder of Dialogue on Race Louisiana and one of the most incredible people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. In her presence, you sit up straighter, widen your eyes, and lean in to listen because when she speaks, it is profound, with purpose and poise.

We first connected in June 2020. I’d reached out to see how we could be of some support to the work she does in our community. I hadn’t thought much beyond a possible donation or teaming up to raise funds for and awareness about their work.

Instead of a simple donation, she posed that we work with DORLA to create a piece that might, in some way, capture the essence of DORLA and share a bit of the story of the work they do in our community.

I was terrified. What do I know? Who am I to even attempt this? What if it’s terrible? I was so nervous, beyond nervous. I got vulnerable and told her all my fears.

She gave me the kind of pep talk you see coaches give in great movies. She empowered me to dig deep into my experience and own my skills. She challenged me to understand the transformative work they do. With her encouragement, I decided I had to try. The worst I could do was fail, right?

After research, zoom meetings, phone calls, and emails with her and her team, we landed on the unlikely symbol of the cicada.

This selfie of her wearing the cicada means more than I could capture in a post. It’s an honor and gift to have worked with her.



For thousands of years, the cicada has been a symbol of change, renewal, rebirth, metamorphosis, and transformation. Instead of one major metamorphosis, the cicada's 17-year life is marked by multiple molts (or shedding of old layers.) On its 5th molting, it finally leaves the ground and emerges into the light.

From there, the cicada uses its large eyes to seek full awareness of its surroundings. Through powerful song and strong communication, cicadas show us what it means to use your voice in a community and how you are infinitely more effective in a unified pursuit.

The cicada speaks directly to the change, renewal, rebirth, metamorphosis, and transformation that happens when people can communicate the way they do through the DORLA courses.

It speaks to this change not being a one-time event, but a process of something more like molts that happen throughout a lifetime. It speaks to eyes wide open seeking awareness of our surroundings and how they work. And, finally, it speaks to what it means to have a powerful voice and strong communication skills that can be used in our communities, ultimately making us more effective in a unified pursuit.

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Learn more about Dialogue on Race Louisiana and sign up for one of their sessions! If you're interested in participating in a session, you can also apply for a scholarship. 

Apply here!

You can donate to Dialogue on Race Louisiana directly.

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Published 11/2/21; Last Updated 5/20/24

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