The Mimosa Collection: Our Namesake Collection

The Mimosa Collection: Our Namesake Collection

Shop the Mimosa Collection.

Our namesake collection was inspired by our favorite tree, the Mimosa tree. It's special to us for sentimental reasons, but we also love what it represents.

We initially launched this collection in-store only at our Shoppe in Mid City Baton Rouge, but you can now find the full collection both in-store and online!

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It's no secret that plants and flowers play a fairly large role in the pieces that make their way into the MIMOSA collection. This is a business owned by two former landscape architects, after all. ;) 

But there was never an official collection that represented what makes MIMOSA, well, MIMOSA...until now! (More on how MIMOSA got its name below.

This collection captures both a full, bold Mimosa leaf and a simpler single sprig — a little something for everyone.

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From Madeline: In 2008 when Dawson finally convinced me that my jewelry making could be more than just a late-night hobby, we realized this new business would have to have a name.

We tried a few things, but then he suggested, “why don’t you name it after your favorite tree like Emily?” Emily is Dawson's sister who owns Magnolia Creative Co. Her business was actually named after her dog Magnolia (which was named after her favorite tree) but I loved the sentiment either way. (I’m a dog person and a tree person if that's a thing ;)

The Mimosa tree had been my favorite for as long as I’d had any awareness that you could have favorite trees.

When I was little, my dad lived in Mid City in New Orleans and Mimosa trees were sprinkled throughout neighborhoods. I distinctly remember him picking the flowers for me on our long, lazy walks, and I can still close my eyes and remember the sweet scent that filled my little-kid nose back then.

Art by WalkingMan Studios & Custom Wedding Set by Saunders Lux Jeweler

Years later, I found myself in landscape architecture at LSU working on a project where we had to design with our favorite tree. Turns out, in Louisiana, the Mimosa was considered a non-native, invasive species. So my favorite tree was kind of considered a “trash tree,” but that obviously didn’t stop me from loving it. ;)

Fast forward to marrying my college sweetheart (and fellow landscape grad.) He proposed with a custom-made, Mimosa-inspired ring. Our wedding bands were blades of St. Augustine grass because #landscapenerds

I can’t tell you how many times someone has walked into our booth at a market or festival and said, “give me a mimosa.” And, each time, we have to sadly disappoint them with the tale of the pretty pink-flowered tree I love so much.

All that to say, MIMOSA was the only name I ever really considered.

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While the Mimosa Collection features the tree's leaves, you may remember when we released a limited run of the Mimosa Flower Ring in spring 2021. Two Mimosa-inspired flowers cradled a soft pink 15mm Rhodochrosite cabochon that was perfectly reminiscent of a Mimosa bloom — just like the ones from those trees in New Orleans.

While those are currently sold out, you can still find some one-of-a-kind Mimosa Flower Rings set with a beautiful variety of turquoise stones exclusively at the Shoppe and MidCity Makers Market.



The Mimosa tree is known as the "Tree of Collective Happiness," and that captures exactly what we're working to achieve more of in the world.

It's also known as the "Tree of Joy" for its alleged herbal benefits to support the mood and calm the spirits.

Another interesting nickname for the Mimosa is "The Night Sleeper." Its sensitive leaves close up at night and during rainstorms. They don’t know the reason behind this for sure but speculate it’s done in an effort to reserve energy and possibly to protect itself from elements and herbivores.

The first photo below is Madeline's Mimosa tree early in the morning and the second is from around noon. Look at how the leaves have opened! 

It also seems to be the most fragrant first thing in the morning right after the leaves have reopened.

But besides its beauty and delicious smell, they say just sitting under a Mimosa's branches and watching its leaves dance in the wind can calm your spirit.

We highly recommend finding one of these trees of happiness and breathing in its beautiful blooms whenever you can...Maybe even wear your MIMOSA when you do. ;)

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      Published 9/28/21; Last Updated 3/15/23

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