Your Calming Tool Kit — MIMOSA's Wearable Grounding Tools

Your Calming Tool Kit — MIMOSA's Wearable Grounding Tools

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Do you have any grounding techniques or tools you keep handy? We do! We'll tell you a little bit about what they are, why we made them wearable and the ones you'll find in the MIMOSA Handcrafted collection.


What are grounding techniques?

Their function is in their name — grounding techniques help "ground" you. In moments of panic, anxiety and stress, to name a few, grounding techniques can help refocus your mind.

And while you can practice some grounding techniques all on their own, these tangible tools of ours are meant to be something to help funnel that energy or guide you through the process.

This is by no means the comprehensive guide of grounding techniques and tools, but we've found these (listed below) to be particularly helpful for us in day-to-day life.

Why did we make wearable grounding tools to complement grounding techniques?

For the most part, jewelry can be part of every day. So when those intrusive thoughts or feelings strike, the MIMOSA piece you're wearing can give you something tangible to focus on. These wearable tools were designed with times like these in mind.

They're easy to use wherever you are, whenever you need them.

MIMOSA + Grounding Tools

We've rounded up the wearable grounding tools you can find in our MIMOSA collection that help keep a moment of "calm" within reach. 


sensory tactile jewelry bracelet with a different textures


Tactile Cuff

tac·tile /ˈtaktl,ˈtakˌtīl/ adjective — “designed to be perceived by touch”

That definition captures EXACTLY what this bracelet was designed to be. 

The goal with the Tactile Cuff was to make something beautiful and interesting to wear but also something like a miniature amusement park for your fingers to escape to!

Running our fingers along different shapes and textures can help redirect our focus from internal nervous energy and give us a soothing way to release it.

Aside from hopefully being a wearable grounding tool, it’s a fun piece of jewelry meant to be playful and intriguing. We hope you’ll wear it well, however you wear it.

Read the full story behind the Tactile Cuff!


Daydreamer Cuff

Have you ever been in a meeting or class and found yourself clicking your pen, tapping the table or fidgeting in general?

It’s probably safe to say most of us have at some point. Whether it’s nervous energy, boredom or just plain old ants in your pants, we find our fingers searching for something to fiddle with.

The Daydreamer Cuff is equal parts wearable art + fidgety gadget. 

You can use it as a way to funnel some of that frenetic energy during a zoom call, mindlessly run your fingers back and forth as you daydream, ground yourself in something tactile when you need to get out of your head or even occupy a little one for a few minutes. 

Think of it as your very own grown-up version of those fun bead coasters we played with in the waiting room at the doctors office :) 

Labyrinth Collection

This collection is perfect for middle-of-the-day meditation or prayer breaks. Simply walk the labyrinth with your fingertips (or the tip of a pencil) to find some calm. 

Or you can even rub your finger over its ridges (similar to how you'd use a worry stone) as a bonus way to use this piece.

While these may be finger labyrinths, BREC here in Baton Rouge has one in its City-Brooks Community Park that you can walk!


Breathe Collection

This wearable reminder is designed to guide you through conscious, deliberate breathing throughout your day.

The Square Breathing technique is as follows: breathe in for 4 counts, hold that breath for 4 counts, and exhale for 4 counts. You can absolutely practice this breathing technique by simply following those steps, however, our Breathe Jewelry provides you with a tangible guide to run your finger along as you count.

When using the jewelry, run your finger along the outside of the band and breathe in for 4 counts, hold that breath for 4 counts, and exhale for 4 counts. Pause and repeat as necessary.

Read the full story behind the 
Breathe Collection!

BREATHE CUFF IN ACTION: You can follow along using the Breathe Cuff or simply close your eyes and let DeeDee Jones' (Soul Technologies) soothing voice guide you through the process.

You'll find this video and its extended version on our Instagram and our YouTube channel — free and available any time you need them.

Watch the extended version of "Guided Breathing with the MIMOSA Breathe Cuff."

Essential Oil Diffuser Collection

Our Essential Oil Diffuser collection exists to be a simple, minimal way to wear your favorite calming, energizing, or soothing scents all day, whatever they may be.

Whenever you need a little extra peace and calming (and even when you don't) simply add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the terra cotta disc on your Diffuser Jewelry, put it on, and you're good for the day. The stronger the scent, the longer it will last.

ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER JEWELRY IN ACTIONWe figured the best way to tell you about our diffuser collection and how to use it is to SHOW you. 

Bronze rings featuring 4 separate dots on the front. Pictured with no stones, turquoise stones or diamonds.

Dot to Dot Collection

These little rings with their connecting dots are wearable reminders to come back to the now, this dot, this present moment whenever you may need.

From Madeline:

"Most days aren’t just bad or good, challenging or easy; they are a string of everything.

These last couple of years, staying focused on the present moment has been my guiding light. I start to wobble when I look too far ahead or too far back. If I come back to right now, this moment, I find my way to the next.

I shakily breathe through the moments I can’t see my way out. I open all my senses to soak in the ones so beautiful I could cry.

These moved-through moments string together like dot to dot paper puzzles.

It’s hard to see how this mess of little dots could ever be anything but an incoherent jumble. But the more dots, the more moments, the more the picture is revealed, and the more I realize it’s all part of something bigger and more beautiful than I can know.

I hold on to that. I have the best moments, the worst moments, and everything in between..."

Read more about the Dot to Dot rings.

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    Published 5/28/21; Last Updated 7/18/22

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