These little rings with their connecting dots are wearable reminders to come back to the now, this dot, this present moment whenever you may need.

      From Madeline:

      "Most days aren’t just bad or good, challenging or easy; they are a string of everything.

      These last couple of years, staying focused on the present moment has been my guiding light. I start to wobble when I look too far ahead or too far back. If I come back to right now, this moment, I find my way to the next.

      I shakily breathe through the moments I can’t see my way out. I open all my senses to soak in the ones so beautiful I could cry.

      These moved-through moments string together like dot to dot paper puzzles.

      It’s hard to see how this mess of little dots could ever be anything but an incoherent jumble. But the more dots, the more moments, the more the picture is revealed, and the more I realize it’s all part of something bigger and more beautiful than I can know.

      I hold on to that. I have the best moments, the worst moments, and everything in between..."

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