--You know the feeling when the package you've been waiting for FINALLY arrives in the mail and you want to open it SO BAD that you grab the nearest key and savagely tear it open!?

--You know that moment at a party when someone realizes they need a bottle opener to open that drink, and everyone frantically searches until some hero finally saves the day with one?


Dawson made a belt buckle that is TOUGH enough for survival and NICE enough to wear to a wedding!

It has a knife to cut open boxes, it has a bottle opener to open your favorite drink, and a secret compartment to keep little things (because the kid in all of us still loves a secret compartment).

This is the ultimate belt buckle. And Father’s Day is right around the corner #justsayin

Dawson has been working on this belt buckle for YEARS. If you follow him, you know the journey but he wrote the full backstory below:

“Madeline and I often find ourselves talking about how original ideas are always out there floating trying to land in someone’s brain, when it does the idea spends a little time in their brain giving it time to develop, but if it doesn’t it takes off to find a different brain. It’s a nice visual.

That’s how it felt with this belt buckle over the last 3.5 years. Seemed like every year the idea would backhand me, totally distracted me till I gave it my best, then take off till the next year and then backhand me to the brain again. I finally feel like this thing is done and it truly was a labor of love. Thank y’all for watching this thing develop over the years.

So to tell you a little bit about the belt buckle.... I personally hate things in my pockets and dislike things on my keychain,  so I figured it would be cool to have removable everyday items on a belt. It comes with a bottle opener, a tiny pocket knife, with removable blades (I suggest using needle nose pliers to change out your blade from time to time) and also a little secret compartment. It is all solid bronze, except the bottle opener which is stainless steel. The leather is hand cut and stitched on the buckle by our friend Damien.”



This belt comes with a beautifully handcrafted leather belt by our talented friend Damien Mitchell. 

Made by hand in our south Louisiana studio.
Each piece varies slightly due to its handmade nature.

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