MIMOSA Handcrafted's Fleur De Lis Pendant Is Displayed With A Map of Baton Rouge

For the Louisiana Jewelry Lover — MIMOSA's Southern-Inspired Jewelry

We're kindred spirits with the "Louisiana Lover." These pieces are for those who adore our wildlife, landscapes, and culture. Or for the former Louisianan looking for a little reminder of home, wherever they may be.

From a miniature capture of our wild landscape to a wearable nod to our swamp friends, these pieces were designed to connect you to Louisiana, to home.

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Louisiana Jewelry — Acadian Flag Collection

The Acadian Flag collection was born from a collaboration between MIMOSA and the designers at the former Red Arrow Workshop in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Each element on the flag tells a story. As Red Arrow Workshop so eloquently described, "The gold star, also known as the star of Acadie, on the white field represents our ties with Canada. The white fleur-de-lis on the blue field represents our ties with France, and the gold castle on the red field represents our ties with Spain."

This Louisiana-inspired design is a must-have piece for any cajun!

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze Acadian Flag Necklace Is Displayed On A Map of Canada


Louisiana Jewelry — Alligator Collection

The alligator, our Louisiana state reptile, inspired this collection. If you've spent much time in the South, you'll be used to the image and presence of the alligator in countless ways throughout our culture.

Alligators have long been symbols of ancient wisdom. As not-so-distant relatives to dinosaurs, they carry powerful, primal energy.

Our alligator collection is a wearable reminder to tap into that energy and ancient wisdom.

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Madeline Wears MIMOSA Handcrafted's Alligator Bracelet While on A Swamp Tour 

Louisiana Jewelry — Bee Collection

The honeybee, our Louisiana state insect, holds a special place in our hearts. And for a good reason! Besides pollinating our beautiful flowers, they pollinate the crops that sustain us.

And we can't forget about their honey! Here's to the bee and all it provides. They make life just a little bit sweeter.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bee Jewelry Collection is Displayed Next to a Honeycomb

Louisiana Jewelry — Cajun Holy Trinity Pendant

If you're from the South, you know that the best Cajun meals start with The Cajun Holy Trinity — a little bell pepper, celery, and onion.

This wearable version is the perfect way to keep these Louisiana staples close. It can also be a super handy reminder if you ever have to prepare a gumbo on the fly. ;)

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Cajun Holy Trinity Necklace Rests in a Bowl of Seasonings

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Louisiana Jewelry — Camellia Collection

The camellia flower is a staple of any traditional Southern garden. They are most recognizable for their bold, bright pink to crisp white or deep red flowers that bloom through the coldest and darkest time of the year in the South.

They are the first promise of springtime when the days are short and darker than ever. The shrubs are usually so covered with flowers that there are more than enough to cut and share with neighbors and friends.

As a former landscape architect, this Southern classic was at the top of Madeline's list to make for years. She knew it was time when Camellia Brand Beans reached out to see if we’d create camellia flower jewelry for them.

Hidden in our camellia flower jewelry is a tiny red bean, as an homage to the company that’s fed us so well all these years. There is no denying the camellia flower is a fixture in our Southern culture regardless of if you love the flower, the beans, or both.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Camellia Flower Collection is Nestled Into Camellia Red Beans

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Louisiana Jewelry — Catfish Collection

The catfish has satiated hungry Southerners as long as we have been around. One in every ten fish on the planet is a kind of catfish, and they can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Odds are almost everyone, everywhere, has some awareness of this particular fish family.

Their whiskers, the reason for their name, are called barbels and contain the greatest concentration of their sensory organs. Where they lack scales, they make up for it in taste buds. Their entire body is covered in taste receptors that allow them to taste their food long before they sense it any other way.

Catfish have been the “big fish” in many a tall tale. If you’re from the South, you’re likely to know at least one story of the big one that didn’t get away.

For as long as we’ve been fishing them, we’ve been coming up with ways to do it. But the one that got me interested in catfish in the first place was the hoop net.

Hoop nets are woven into the fabric of this place we call home. Knot by knot, cotton or nylon cord is hand knit into a tube-shaped web that's held open with hoops made of wood, metal, plastic, or fiberglass. The inner funnel web keeps the catch from escaping. A single hoop net could catch enough for your whole family (and your neighbors. ;)

Our catfish collection pays homage to both the catfish and the hoop net. The catfish pendant and cuff are totems of this life-sustaining, deep-water dweller.

The hoop net cuff symbolizes the heritage of handcrafted traditions and bounty and harvest.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted Catfish Necklaces and Hoop Net Inspired Bracelets

Louisiana Jewelry — Cattail Cuff

If you live in south Louisiana, you know the cattail. We are used to seeing it pop up in our swamps and ditches, but little did we know this Louisiana-native plant has been sustaining humans for thousands of years.

You can make pancakes from their pollen, their shoots are edible and taste something like cucumber, and you can weave baskets from their leaves, and so much more.

In a way, the cattail is one of our Louisiana landscape's most common, taken-for-granted ingredients. This piece is a thank you to the cattail, reminding us we all have a purposeful place in this world where our gifts are uniquely necessary and meant for generosity.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Cattail Bracelet Is Nestled Into A Cattail Plant 

Louisiana Jewelry — Cher Bebe Collection

This little pendant was born from a collaboration between MIMOSA and the designers at the former Red Arrow Workshop in Lafayette, Louisiana.

As they describe, the pendant depicts the classic Cajun phrase that means "Oh how cute!" or, more literally, "darling/dear baby!"

A must-have piece for any Cajun!

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Cher Bebe Necklace is Nestled Into a Flower

Louisiana Jewelry — Cicada Collection

The cicada has been a symbol of change, renewal, rebirth, and transformation for thousands of years. Instead of one major metamorphosis, the cicada's 17-year life is marked by multiple molts (or shedding of old layers.) On its 5th molting, it finally leaves the ground and emerges into the light.

From there, the cicada uses its large eyes to seek full awareness of its surroundings. Through powerful song and strong communication, cicadas show us what using your voice in a community means and how you are infinitely more effective in a unified pursuit.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Cicada Necklace Is Depicted Alongside the Insect That Inspired It

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Louisiana Jewelry — Crawfish Collection

Crawfish boils are more than a meal or tradition; they are a way of life. They mark engagements, weddings, and new life at baby showers.
If there isn’t an occasion for one, it becomes the occasion that brings us together.
It's an all-day affair, so we come early for the first batch and stay late for the last one. But it's mostly all the time in between that we spend together that makes a crawfish boil special.
Wear this crawfish boil jewelry as a reminder of the best living we do in the South.

Louisiana Jewelry — Crescent Moon Collection

Whether you live in the Crescent City or love how that thumbnail moon sits in the sky, this little piece will be the perfect dainty addition to your MIMOSA collection.

This go-to favorite of ours pairs well with a New Orleans adventure on a sunny day, a picnic in Audubon Park, and an afternoon out at one of the city's countless festivals, to name a few.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Crescent Moon Necklace Rests on a Photo of New Orleans, Nicknamed the Crescent City

Louisiana Jewelry — Fleur de Lis Collection

This ancient symbol held different meanings to many people and cultures throughout history. Our favorite is the story of the iris inspiring this iconic symbol.

Our Fleur de Lis Collection is an abstract way to celebrate our beautiful Louisiana state wildflower and one of our most recognizable state symbols — two of our most treasured stories in one wearable piece.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Fleur De Lis Jewelry Collection is Displayed on Purple Velvet

Louisiana Jewelry — Garfish Cuff

The garfish, despite its intimidating size and fierce look, is a surprisingly docile prehistoric fish that has been swimming in our waters for more than 180 million years. The stories it could tell.

An ancient knowing emanates from a life force that’s been around for so long. The garfish is a survivor unscathed by extinction. It was unbothered while lands shifted, mountains rose, humans moved in, took over, called it names, and tried to eliminate it.

A survivor who, despite all its ancient wisdom, grins ever so slightly like the most unlikely Buddha.

*This design was inspired specifically by the Alligator Gar.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Garfish Bracelet Rests on a Petrified Tree

Louisiana Jewelry — Loblolly Pine Needle Collection

The Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) inspired this collection. The Loblolly, a diploxylon pine, has stiff leaves arranged in bundles of 2-3 needles.

Those needles inspired these strips of metal that wrap around your wrist, starting in a bundle on one end and coming back together in a cluster on the other.

But we're not the only ones who appreciate the Loblolly pine! Did you know that Laurel, Mississippi has a Loblolly Festival? How cool is that?!

Even if you're not looking for a Loblolly-inspired piece, the intriguing organic shape makes both the cuff and ring great statement pieces for any jewelry collection.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Loblolly Pine Needle Jewelry is Displayed Alongside Pinecones

Louisiana Jewelry — Louisiana Burst Collection

We collaborated with the former Red Arrow Workshop to make this token of home. Keep a little Louisiana spirit with you always.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Louisiana Burst Necklace Features Louisiana's State Shape on a Sunburst Design

Louisiana Jewelry — Louisiana Wild Collection

Our Louisiana Wild Jewelry is a pill-shaped diorama that holds a miniature capture of our most typical wild Louisiana landscape. Bald cypress trees, egrets, cattails, water, and a big, bold sun are the ingredients of our outdoor life here.

Taking these small snapshots of Louisiana's wildlife and landscapes is like taking a daily dose of the best medicine.

For the days and moments we can’t be out in it, this piece is a small way to reconnect with the memory of its wonder.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Louisiana Wild Jewelry Collection Displays A Snapshot of the Louisiana Outdoors

Louisiana Jewelry — Magnolia Collection

Louisiana's milky-white state flower is known for its grand, sweet-scented blooms. 

The magnolia flower has become a symbol in the South for nobility, beauty, and the "steel-magnolia" sentiment of someone with a spirit of femininity and fortitude.

This hand-carved metal magnolia is the bloom that lives forever.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Magnolia Necklace is Nestled Into the Petal of Magnolia Bloom

Louisiana Jewelry — Mardi Gras Mask Collection

Embrace the Mardi Gras spirit with a little mask of your own and "laissez les bons temps rouler" all year long!

Make it an everyday staple during the season, or gift it as a sweet way to mark a friend or family member's first Mardi Gras celebration.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Mardi Gras Mask Necklace Rests on a Pile of Mardi Gras Doubloons

Louisiana Jewelry — Old State Capitol Collection

Not many cities can claim a castle as their state capitol building, but Baton Rouge can and does. Louisiana's Old State Capitol sits across the street from the mighty Mississippi River and watches that beautiful sunset over the river daily.

The Old State Capitol has become a Baton Rouge staple, and each piece in this collection celebrates an element from its architecture.

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*Pictured here with Press Relief's "Stained Glass Original Block Print."

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Window Necklace is Displayed on A Colorful Print Inspired By the Stained Glass Windows at Louisiana's Old State Capitol

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Louisiana Jewelry — Oyster Collection

Our oysters don't require you to know what month we're in to enjoy them.

They are also the perfect reminder that the world IS your oyster! A symbol that cues you to remember your agency and take the opportunities this life provides.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Oyster Jewelry Collection on Burlap

Louisiana Jewelry — Pecan Collection

Our pecan collection is made from a mold of an actual pecan.

The owner of the Cane River Pecan Company in New Iberia, Louisiana, handpicked the pecan we molded. He sifted through countless pecans to find the perfect one for us to cast into metal.

Pecans are a sentimental nut included in many holiday and seasonal celebrations. We eat them in pies, on ice cream, or by the handfuls for as many reasons as there are ways to consume them!

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Pecan Jewelry Collection Alongside Pralines

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Louisiana Jewelry — Pecky Cypress Cuff

You can find beautiful and rare Pecky Cypress deep in south Louisiana's swamps, bayous, and rivers.

A fungus creates elongated holes in the wood, making Pecky Cypress recognizable. It's hard to find and expensive when you do find it.

This piece is a nod to the hidden treasures of south Louisiana.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Pecky Cypress Bracelet Displayed Alongside the Wood that Inspired It 

Louisiana Jewelry — Pelican Collection

The pelican image lives throughout Louisiana culture as a symbol of home. It is our state bird. It lives on our flag; it soars over our homes and swims in our waters.

We wait for them to visit in the fall with the giddiness of a kid at Christmas. And when they arrive, we pause, in awe, a little more connected to the seasonal transition of the natural world around us.

Pelicans embody the story of self-sacrifice. Myth or not, we know her as the mother who pierces herself to feed her young. This bird holds more meaning for us than any other, and this collection is our way of honoring it.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Pelican Jewelry Collection Rests on a Bed of Feathers

Louisiana Jewelry — Red Stick Love Collection

MIMOSA calls Baton Rouge, Louisiana home. :)

This Red Stick Love collection is a sweet way to show your love for Baton Rouge, which translates to "Red Stick."

Our little "red" stick jewelry features our city's initials etched within a heart into the trunk of a tree.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Red Stick Love Collection was Inspired By the English Translation of Baton Rouge's Name, Red Stick.


Louisiana Jewelry — River Cuff

The Mississippi River is no small waterway, but the River Cuff is an easy way to keep a little piece of it close — always.

The River Cuff was inspired by a series of maps created by Harold Fisk for the Army Corps of Engineers in 1944, where he documents the historical traces of the Mississippi River.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Mississippi River Bracelet Featured Alongside the River that Inspired It

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Louisiana Jewelry — Southern Scarab June Bug Pendant

You know the June bug; it comes out around the same time every year to fly recklessly into anything and everything, and if you're lucky, attach itself to you while you run around in dire straits, desperately trying to detach it from yourself.

Here in south Louisiana, our June bug is a member of the subfamily Melolonthinae (Family Scarabaeidae, Order Coleoptera). "June bugs" can look different depending on where you live; Arizona's is a green beetle with the same "June bug" name.

In ancient Egypt, scarab beetles were a symbol of resurrection. Its life cycle is a lesson of transformation and adaptation. Like the butterfly, they go through a metamorphosis throughout their short life, quietly embracing the change, transitions, and surrendering to the process.

This Southern Scarab, which doesn't send you into hysteria when stuck on you, is a wearable reminder of these beetles and all the symbols and stories with it.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's June Bug Necklace Was Inspired by Scarab Beetle Jewelry

Louisiana Jewelry — Strawberry Collection

The strawberry is one of the sweetest early spring gifts to mark the end of a long winter. There's nothing quite like that first bite of a delicious strawberry. By themselves, in a bowl of fruit for breakfast, or baked into a dessert — strawberries are good however you eat them.

In Louisiana, we love our strawberries so much we have an entire festival dedicated to them. If you love strawberries, too, check out the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula.

In the meantime, let this strawberry pendant remind you of the bold, bright gift from the ground!

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Strawberry Necklace Is Surrounded By Fresh Strawberries 

Louisiana Jewelry — Triangle Collection

'Tit-fer is the triangle instrument you'll often find used in Cajun music. Its name comes from the French words "petit," meaning little, and "fer," meaning iron.

Or perhaps you recognize the triangle as a dinner bell! Whichever it may be, let this miniature version be a reminder of all the good music and good food to follow.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Triangle Collection Rests Next to the Iron Triangle That Inspired It

Louisiana Jewelry — You Are My Sunshine Collection

A sweet and sunny collection to share with the people in your life who feel like human sunshine.

Let that special someone know they really are your sunshine. :)

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's You Are My Sunshine Jewelry Makes for a Sweet and Sunny Gift



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