MIMOSA Handcrafted's Large Louisiana Wild Pendant In Bronze

Louisiana Wild Jewelry — A Celebration Of Our Wildlife And Nature

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The Story of Our Louisiana Wild Jewelry

From Madeline: If you’ve been following MIMOSA for a while, you know capturing quintessential Louisiana landscapes is a passion that literally pulls me out of bed every morning.

I head out to see what nature has for me, and even on the gloomiest days, there is a banquet of beauty.

Thanks to our long growing season and abundance of water, both plants and animals (especially birds passing through) can thrive in the littlest pond or ditch. Sometimes, even the littlest pothole. ;)

We have easy access to a kind of wild nature most city folks have to drive miles and miles to enjoy.

MIMOSA Handcrafted Louisiana Wild Jewelry depicting swamp scene with crane bird and large sun

Taking in these small snapshots of Louisiana's wildlife and landscapes is like taking a daily dose of the best medicine.

Our Louisiana Wild Jewelry is a pill-shaped diorama that holds a miniature capture of our most typical wild Louisiana landscape. Bald cypress trees, egrets, cattails, water, and a big, bold sun are the ingredients of our outdoor life here.

For the days and moments we can’t be out in it, this piece is a small way to reconnect with the memory of its wonder.


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                The inspiration for our Louisiana Wild Jewelry — Our state's wildlife and landscapes

                We, of course, couldn't show you the Louisiana Wild Jewelry collection without showing you both the Louisiana wildlife and landscapes that inspired the design.

                It's a magical thing, the Louisiana wild. Each capture feels like a postcard-perfect scene somehow meant just for you.

                And it seems these aesthetically pleasing landscapes offer more than just breathtaking beauty! With a quick search online, you'll find countless articles and studies exploring the benefits of spending time out in nature. Sounds like a win/win. :)

                Our camera rolls are FILLED with photos like the ones below. From a sky on fire with the setting sun to a flock of feathered friends, you'll find it all in our little corner of the world. (And you'll see exactly why we couldn't help but make Louisiana Wild Jewelry.)

                Here are just a few favorites.


                Where to find the nature that inspired our Louisiana Wild Jewelry

                If you're a Louisiana local, our wild landscapes really are right at your fingertips.

                Whether you're looking to plan a whole day of exploration or make a quick stop on the way home from work, here are a few places where you can experience a bit of this beauty for yourself!

                Louisiana Wild in Baton Rouge

                1. Baton Rouge Zoo
                2. Southern University and A&M College
                3. Scotlandville Parkway Park
                4. Hooper Road Park
                5. Blackwater Conservation
                6. Capitol Lake
                7. Waddill Wildlife Refuge
                8. University Lake/City Park Lake
                9. Burden Museum & Gardens
                10. Forest Community Park
                11. Perkins Road Community Park
                12. Bluebonnet Swamp
                13. Hilltop Arboretum
                14. Highland Road Community Park

                Louisiana Wild in Baton Rouge

                If you're looking for an easy way to get started (and get a little exercise in at the same time,) Urban Bros host a "Community Walk on Wednesdays" at the LSU Lakes here in Baton Rouge. Check out their Instagram for more details on their upcoming walks!


                More art inspired by the Louisiana Wild

                Louisiana Wild Swamp Scenes

                These swampy scenes captivate artists across all mediums. Here are just a couple of our Louisiana-local favorites.

                All photos are courtesy of the artists.

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                              The Louisiana Wild Pendant is pictured below in bronze (left) and 14k yellow gold (right).

                              MIMOSA Handcrafted Louisiana Wild Necklaces in bronze and 14k yellow gold depicting swamp scene


                              Published 2/24/22; Last Updated 2/22/23

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