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MIMOSA's Wedding Jewelry Collection

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Engagement & Wedding Jewelry

There's no right or wrong ring to choose for your engagement and wedding jewelry. The only "right" way to choose wedding or engagement jewelry is by finding the ring that best suits you in style and meaning. ;)

Whether a sparkling diamond, a colorful gemstone, or a simple band, choosing a ring can be a fun experience! Here at MIMOSA, you'll find diamonds, gemstones, and unique band ring options.

Catherine, pictured below, initially purchased a 14K gold Mimosa Sprig Ring to wear as her wedding band, creating a beautiful ring stack.

Catherine Hudson Wedding Ring

Catherine wearing our 14K Gold Mimosa Sprig Ring as her wedding band. — Photo courtesy of Catherine Hudson Théfenne

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Margaret and Rosie Turquoise Rings Stacked with a Diamond Dot to Dot Ring
MIMOSA Wedding Ring Stack featuring (from top to bottom) the Margaret Ring, the Dot to Dot Ring + Diamond, and the Rosie Ring in sterling silver.

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Diamond Wedding Jewelry

If you're looking for a ring stack that sparkles and shines for your wedding jewelry, we have a few rings in a classic MIMOSA style that are set with diamonds.

Buy MIMOSA Jewelry in 14K Gold

MIMOSA Handcrafted Wedding Jewelry For Your Big Day

The jewelry you wear on your wedding day can become a meaningful keepsake you cherish for years or a family gift over generations.

Here are a few brides who included MIMOSA in their wedding day.

Shop MIMOSA's Wedding Jewelry

Kimbrali Boyd Photography — Nicole Bell Wedding

Nicole & Hunter - Nicole is wearing our Magnolia Earrings. — Photo by Kimbrali Photography


MIMOSA Handcrafted Floral Wedding Jewelry

Florals don't have to stop at the bouquet or boutonniere. Incorporate floral or botanical wedding jewelry into your look, whether it's through earrings, a pendant, or a tie/lapel pin.

Here at MIMOSA, we have a variety of floral wedding jewelry options, including the magnolia and camellia — both popular choices for a Louisiana couple.

You can also add the finishing touches to your look with a piece from our namesake collection — the mimosa leaf.

Darian Clement Photography — Daniel & Grace Rockwell Wedding

Grace - Grace is wearing our small Mimosa Leaf Earrings. — Photo by Darian Clement Photography

MIMOSA Handcrafted Magnolia Tie and Lapel Pin
Include flower-themed jewelry throughout your entire wedding party. Pictured here is our Magnolia Tie or Lapel Pin.

Darian Clement Photography — Daniel and Grace Rockwell Wedding

Grace & Daniel - Grace is wearing our small Mimosa Leaf Earrings. — Photo by Darian Clement Photography

MIMOSA Handcrafted Wedding Jewelry for Your "Something Blue"

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

From bright turquoise to a rich lapis hue, you'll find a perfect piece for your something blue.

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Dainty Grace Necklaces with Blue Topaz and Sapphire Stones

MIMOSA wedding jewelry for your "Something Blue" featuring the Grace Necklace + Blue Topaz (left) and the Grace Necklace + Sapphire (right)

MIMOSA Handcrafted Greta Lapis Stone Bracelet
MIMOSA wedding jewelry for your "Something Blue" featuring the Greta Cuff + Lapis. Pictured here in sterling silver and bronze.

MIMOSA Handcrafted Minimal Circle Design Earrings with Turquoise Stones
MIMOSA wedding jewelry for your "Something Blue" featuring the Minimal Circle Stone Earrings with Turquoise. Pictured here in bronze and sterling silver.

Shop the 13 Stone Lapis Ring
Shop the Grace Necklace + Blue Topaz
Shop the Laura Ring
Shop the Minimal Circle Stone Earrings + Sapphire
Shop the Turquoise Studs

MIMOSA Handcrafted Wedding Jewelry Gifts

Wedding Jewelry Gifts for Your Wedding Party & Family

Mark this special occasion with keepsakes from the big day for your wedding party, friends, and/or family members. 

The MIMOSA jewelry you gift them can tie into the wedding's theme or represent some aspect of your relationship. Whatever the reason, each handcrafted piece will be a meaningful and wearable reminder of the day's celebration.

Kimbrali Boyd Photography - Nicole Bell Wedding

Nicole & Hunter's Wedding - Wearing a Magnolia Pendant on an Inherited Chain Bracelet. — Photo by Kimbrali Photography

Wedding Jewelry Gifts for the Flower Girl

Gift something special to even the littlest members of your wedding party. At MIMOSA, you'll find a collection of cuff bracelets made specifically for children.

Prefer to gift them a pendant instead? We can create a custom chain length just for them. Contact us with any questions about children's wedding jewelry.

(Or stop into the MIMOSA Shoppe in Baton Rouge to try on these pieces in person.)

Kimbrali Boyd Photography — Nicole Bell

Nicole & Hunter's Wedding - Wearing a Child's Rainbow Cuff. — Photo by Kimbrali Photography

Cake Pulls Wedding Jewelry Tradition

What do cakes and jewelry have in common? They’re both lavish treats that are often gifted on special occasions. Weddings are one occasion where jewelry and cakes have a lot of crossovers.

There’s the exchange of wedding rings, of course, but that’s not what we’ll be talking about. Instead, we’re sharing the history of cake pulls! Read on to learn all about this sweet wedding tradition.

Read The Treasured Wedding Tradition of Cake Pulls

MIMOSA Handcrafted Cake Pull Charm Collection

How to Wear Cake Pull Wedding Jewelry

After the cake pull, each recipient will leave with a new and meaningful bronze, sterling silver, or 14K gold pendant.

When ordering cake pulls for your wedding, purchase the pendant with one of our chain necklaces or bracelets to gift to each recipient after the pull so they can wear their new keepsake.

Shop the Cake Pull Charms

Getting Your Wedding Jewelry Ready for the Big Day 

Restore your wedding jewelry's shine as your special day nears! Bring your MIMOSA wedding jewelry to the MIMOSA Shoppe in Baton Rouge, and we'll clean it all up for you.

Out of town? Or prefer to DIY? — Check out our guide for "Cleaning & Caring for Bronze Jewelry."



Did you wear MIMOSA jewelry at your wedding? We'd love to hear (and see some photos of :) how you included MIMOSA wedding jewelry. It's an honor to be part of such a meaningful occasion. 

If you want to share stories and/or photos with us, email us at hello@mimosahandcrafted.com.

Published 7/27/23; Last Updated 8/21/23

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