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The Treasured Wedding Tradition Of Cake Pulls

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What do cakes and jewelry have in common? They’re both lavish treats that are often gifted on special occasions. Weddings are one occasion where jewelry and cakes have a lot of crossovers.

There’s the exchange of wedding rings, of course, but that’s not what we’ll be talking about today. Instead, we’re sharing the history of cake pulls! Read on to learn all about this sweet wedding tradition.

What Are Cake Pulls?

Fellow Louisiana natives will likely know about cake pulls, but here’s some background information for our non-Southern friends.

A cake pull is a fun tradition that involves single friends of the bride finding out their fortunes from charms attached to the wedding cake. The cake pull charms are placed on ribbons and carefully slotted underneath the cake. Cake pulls generally happen during wedding receptions before the cake is officially cut, but sometimes they take place at bridal showers. 

Cake pulls are like a bouquet toss with an extra personalized touch. Each charm has a special meaning or prediction. Often made of sterling silver, the charms serve as keepsakes that can be treasured long after the wedding takes place. It’s the perfect blend of dessert, jewelry, and fortune-telling. What’s not to love?! 

The History Of Cake Pulls

Also referred to as "ribbon pulling," the tradition's roots date back to the 1600s. And although cake pulls are prevalent across Louisiana and other southern states, the tradition was actually brought over by the British.

Our modern cake pull is a unique blend of the various traditions practiced throughout the UK. English brides engaged in a "skirt pull." Bridesmaids would pull charms that were sewn onto the bride’s skirt, which were then kept as tokens of friendship. Further north in Scotland, wedding cakes were often embellished with inedible ornaments. Meanwhile, in Ireland, a fortune-telling tradition for single women took place on Hallow’s Eve. Talismans said to predict the future were baked into fruit cakes and then eaten by single women. Blend the three, and you get a Southern cake pull!  

What Do The Cake Pull Charms Signify? 

Modern brides can choose any charm for their cake pulls, but 8 traditional symbols have always been used.

  • Horseshoe or four-leaf clover: good luck
  • Telephone: good news
  • Anchor: hope
  • Heart: impending love
  • Thimble or button: the old maid
  • Penny: poverty
  • Ring: signifies the next marriage 

MIMOSA Handcrafted Cake Pulls

Many of our pendants can be used as cake pulls! MIMOSA had a specific collection of cake pulls in the past, but we’re excited to offer special meanings for almost all of our pendants, so they can be used as cake pulls.

Download a printable PDF of little tags to attach to these pendants. Each cake pull tag will share the meaning behind the piece so you can create your own traditions.

MIMOSA Handcrafted Pendants Are Used As Wedding Cake Pulls


Our pendants are available in bronze, traditional sterling silver, and 14K gold. Purchase the "no chain" option and pair it with your choice of ribbon. (Ribbon not included.)

Or purchase the pendant with one of our chain necklaces or bracelets to gift to each recipient after the pull so they can wear their new keepsake.

Please note: If a pendant is available in both a "small" and "large" size, we recommend using the "small" size for your cake pulls.

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Guest blog by Maria Polansky

Gambino's Bakery — Charmed: History of Cake Pulls 

Published 5/12/22; Last Updated 5/22/23

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