The Louisiana Wild Pendant In 14K Gold, Bronze, And Sterling Silver

What You Need To Know About MIMOSA's Handcrafted Metal Jewelry

We are committed to bringing you only the best, highest-quality, fairly-priced, locally handcrafted metal jewelry at MIMOSA. This commitment requires closely tracking our material costs and end prices and sourcing the best materials from the most reliable suppliers.

We purchase the bulk of our jewelry-making materials from USA vendors except for our recycled gold.

Nearly every piece of MIMOSA metal jewelry is handcrafted in-house at our south Louisiana studio.

Bronze Casting Grain and a MIMOSA Handcrafted Pelican Cuff in Bronze

Handcrafted Metal Jewelry — What to Know About Bronze

Bronze is our most popular handcrafted metal jewelry here at MIMOSA. 

It is composed of mainly copper with a little bit of tin (90% copper and 10% tin). It has a warm, deep bronze color and rich red undertones. It is also a wonderful, affordable alternative to 14K gold.

Some of the bronze we use is recycled, including in-house metal jewelry scraps and broken or unsuccessfully cast MIMOSA pieces.

Learn more about bronze! — Read "Bronze Jewelry - What to Know About MIMOSA's Most Popular Metal Jewelry."

Caring for Bronze Metal Handcrafted Jewelry

Because bronze metal handcrafted jewelry contains mainly copper, it can naturally develop a patina over time. The patina look, while beautiful and desirable as well, can be buffed away to reveal the original bright golden color at any time.

Read "Cleaning & Caring for Bronze Jewelry."

Why Bronze Metal Handcrafted Jewelry Might Turn Your Skin Green

From time to time we receive questions about "green skin" so we put together an in-depth blog post about why this can happen and how to curb it!

Read "Why Does Bronze Turn My Skin Green?"

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Sterling Silver Casting Grain and a MIMOSA Handcrafted Pelican Cuff in Sterling Silver

Handcrafted Metal Jewelry — What to Know About Sterling Silver

We also offer all of our cast handcrafted metal jewelry in sterling silver. Our sterling silver is composed of sterling silver and copper, and a portion of it is also recycled, just like our bronze metal jewelry.

If you order a sterling silver pair of earrings or pendants, they will come with hypoallergenic sterling silver ear wires and .925 sterling silver chains, respectively.

When caring for sterling silver, this handcrafted metal jewelry buffs itself with more wear but tends to tarnish while stored. Use a gentle silver jewelry polish to return the silver to its bright shine.

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14K Gold Casting Grain and a MIMOSA Handcrafted Pelican Cuff in 14K Gold

Handcrafted Metal Jewelry — What to Know About 14K Gold

The 14K gold we use is 100% recycled and SCS Recycled Content Certified

Want to know more about our 14K Gold Jewelry? Check out our 14K Gold FAQs.

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Gold-filled Chain Options at MIMOSA Handcrafted

Handcrafted Metal Jewelry — What to Know About Gold-filled

Every now and then, we find "supporting actor" pieces that pair so well with our cast jewelry that we add them to our collection for you. This includes all of the gold-filled jewelry you’ll find on our website. These pieces are made of 14K gold and brass.

While we do not make these gold-filled pieces in-house, some are still assembled or hand-set with stones at our shop. And if you order bronze or 14K gold earrings or pendants, they will come with gold-filled ear wires and chains, respectively.  (Prefer a solid gold chain? — Shop our 14K Gold Everyday Chain.)

Learn all about our gold-filled metal jewelry. — Read "Gold-Filled Jewelry - What Is It Anyway?"

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More About Our Handcrafted Metal Jewelry

Jewelry Finish

We envision your MIMOSA pieces as lifetime investments, so each is cast in solid bronze, sterling silver, or 14K gold. There is no plating or wearing away of a top layer; what you see is what you get!


Learn more about our Materials and how to Care for your MIMOSA Jewelry!

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Published 4/20/23; Last Updated 4/20/23

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