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How to Start Your MIMOSA Jewelry Collection

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Jewelry is a way to express yourself and add a finishing touch to any outfit. It can be a special gift or an heirloom passed down through generations. At MIMOSA Handcrafted, we offer a wide range of pieces if you’re looking to add to your collection or start a new one.

Starting a jewelry collection can feel overwhelming, and if you’re a fan of the MIMOSA brand because you’ve seen it around or have read about the inspiration behind pieces, you may be wondering where you should start. There’s no one way to start a jewelry collection, but if you want to be selective or deliberate in your choices, we have a few tips for you to start your jewelry collection from MIMOSA!


A Woman Wears MIMOSA's Large Bronze Labyrinth Necklace

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Identify Your Style to Start Your Jewelry Collection

One of the first steps in starting a jewelry collection is identifying your personal style and preferences. Think about what you like and your lifestyle. Maybe you love nature or are a minimalist. Maybe you’re super active or go into the office every day.

Think about your daily activities, events you go to, and what you like overall in fashion. If you have an active lifestyle, you may want to opt for more durable everyday pieces. If you prefer a more classic or timeless look, consider investing in pieces that can be worn for years to come. You might also want a different style of pieces for different occasions.

Identifying your style will help you start your jewelry collection and select pieces that will fit in with your life. Check out MIMOSA's wide range of styles, from delicate and minimalist to bold and statement pieces.


A Woman Wears MIMOSA's Bronze Pelican Bracelet

Shop the Pelican Cuff - Photo: Tahjah Harmony

Understand the Different Metals and Stones

In addition to style preferences, you also need to consider the different options of metals and their costs and benefits when starting your jewelry collection. Gold, silver, and bronze are the most common metals used in our jewelry. Each metal has its unique characteristics and costs, so consider which option aligns with your style and budget.

  • Bronze has been a popular jewelry choice for thousands of years, and for good reason! Bronze is known for its durability and affordability. It can withstand daily wear and tear without a high price tag, though some care is needed to remove tarnish. In addition, bronze is versatile and can be paired with other metals for unique looks. Its use for thousands of years means it's timeless.
  • Silver jewelry has also been around for a long time, but like bronze, it can tarnish and will need regular maintenance. Silver comes with a slightly higher price tag than bronze but is also a durable metal. While silver has ebbed and flowed in popularity, it's still worn by those who like cooler tones.
  • Gold has also been used in jewelry for centuries and is often the symbol of luxury and wealth. That being said, gold can be a significant investment. While gold does not tarnish, it is a softer metal and can be scratched easily without proper care. Gold holds its value well and is a classic and timeless metal that can be worn for special occasions.

Additionally, understanding the benefits, meanings, and beauty of stones can add more significance to your jewelry. MIMOSA offers a variety of stones, such as turquoise, lapis, malachite, and more, that can elevate your jewelry.

All MIMOSA pieces are based in quality, but we have different options in metals and stones to give you choices based on style and budget. With quality pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond, MIMOSA jewelry pieces are great for starting your own jewelry collection but also for passing onto the next generation. Heirloom jewelry is a wonderful way to keep memories going in the family and connections strong throughout generations.


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Know the Types of Jewelry You Can Add to Your Collection

A well-rounded jewelry collection typically includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, as well as other accessories such as pins and belt buckles. When starting a jewelry collection, consider the types of events or occasions you typically attend and what would be appropriate to wear. Having options in each category can ensure you’re ready for anything.

Purchasing and Caring for Your Jewelry

When starting your jewelry collection, it's a good idea to start with pieces you'll wear daily. These pieces can be versatile and can easily transition from day to night to top off an outfit.

Proper care and maintenance of your jewelry are essential to ensure that it lasts a long time and always looks its best. Check out MIMOSA's article on Cleaning and Caring for Bronze Jewelry for tips on how to care for your jewelry. Also, ensure that you store your jewelry properly, this will also prolong its life. Remember, jewelry is an investment that can spice up your wardrobe and also be passed down through your family.


A Woman Wears MIMOSA's Large Bronze Mimosa Leaf Earrings

Shop the Large Mimosa Leaf Earrings - Photo: Tahjah Harmony

Tips for Growing Your MIMOSA Jewelry Collection

If you already have a few pieces but want to grow your collection, you can focus on adding pieces in time that mark significant events or hold a special meaning for you. Additionally, you can choose pieces you fall in love with and will want to wear long after any trends fade. Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles and metals to create a unique look that represents your personal style.

Start Your Collection — You Can't Go Wrong!

Starting your MIMOSA jewelry collection can be a fun and exciting process. You don’t have to buy everything all at once, though! Start with a few choice pieces and add to them over time. You can choose pieces initially that complement your current collection or start from scratch with new pieces based on your style and budget.

There is no wrong way to start your jewelry collection. Whether you're starting from scratch or adding to an existing collection, MIMOSA offers a range of options that are sure to fit your style and budget. Jewelry can be a meaningful and timeless addition to any outfit, and with proper care and maintenance, it can be passed down through generations.

Check out MIMOSA’s range of options if you are looking to start or grow your jewelry collection. By identifying your style, understanding different metals and stones, and choosing the types of jewelry that fit you, you’ll soon have a collection you love. 

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Published 4/11/23; Last Updated 4/11/23

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