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Best Everyday Jewelry — Picking the Pieces You'll Wear All the Time

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When you are bombarded with thousands of jewelry options every time you visit a jewelry store, it can be difficult to pick out pieces you want to wear daily. But finding those few meaningful and reliable go-to pieces can make accessorizing fun and enjoyable. When trying to select the best everyday jewelry for yourself, consider the below points, and you’re sure to find the best everyday jewelry that makes you feel better for wearing it.

What is Everyday Jewelry?

Everyday jewelry is just as it sounds – it’s jewelry you never want to take off or pieces you want to wear with every outfit. It’s jewelry that can dress up an ensemble or look great with casual outfits. Everyday jewelry is pieces you enjoy wearing and want to wear, whether it means going into the office or going out for a fun night.

Since you’ll be wearing everyday jewelry often, be sure to keep it close at hand. Many people store their everyday jewelry in a dish or accessible jewelry box. This will allow you to grab your everyday jewelry quickly, even during busy mornings when you’re rushing out the door.

Characteristics of Everyday Jewelry

When you wear the same jewelry every day, you want to be sure it will fit your lifestyle. Make sure it checks these boxes so you can continue to wear these pieces daily.

  • Durability — You want to make sure your everyday jewelry is durable enough to withstand whatever comes your way. Whether you work at a desk or are always on the go, durable jewelry will stay looking great no matter the place. Our bronze jewelry pieces are extremely durable for everyday wear. 
  • Comfort — Nothing will make you take off your jewelry faster than being uncomfortable. If you have a ring that constantly digs into your skin or a necklace that you always have to adjust, you may want to skip the frustration. Pick out comfortable jewelry you won’t mind wearing all day.
  • Versatility — Having everyday jewelry on hand means you don’t have to spend much time each day trying to accessorize. You want to be sure your jewelry can pull double and triple duty with different outfits. Find versatile everyday jewelry that will go with a variety of your styles.

    Blair Wears MIMOSA Handcrafted's Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

    Types of Everyday Jewelry

    You can wear any type of jewelry in any combination, but here are some crowd favorites that are perfect to wear daily.


    Madeline Wears MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze Pelican Necklace

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    What to Consider When Choosing Your Jewelry Pieces

    Your Daily Activities/Routine – Take into consideration your daily routine. Do you want to wear your jewelry all day? Do you go to the gym or sit at a desk all day? Pick pieces that will work for your lifestyle and won’t get in the way. Remember, you want to be comfortable!

    Personal Style & Trends – Pick pieces you love, that mean something to you, or that are trendy so you’ll wear them all the time and feel more confident.

    Materials – Not everyone can wear all types of metal. If you have sensitive skin, find hypoallergenic jewelry that won’t irritate your skin. Also, find jewelry pieces that have been responsibly sourced and made. At MIMOSA Handcrafted, we are committed to bringing you only the best, highest-quality, fairly-priced, locally handcrafted jewelry. Learn more about all our materials. 

    What You Find Flattering/Fun – There are all types of styles out there, and everyone has their unique preferences. Find jewelry flattering for you – whether that is style or type of metal and select ones you genuinely like.

    Meaning/Purpose - Your jewelry can work for you daily to keep you grounded or inspire you throughout the day. Jewelry like our Essential Oil Pendant or the Breathe Cuff can help you take on challenges and relax – everyday jewelry with a purpose!

    Get Your Everyday Jewelry from MIMOSA

    Ready to find those trusty pieces you’ll love to wear all the time? Shop for your everyday jewelry favorites at MIMOSA Handcrafted and find pieces that you love, that inspire you, or that help you get through each day with a smile. We have a variety of stunning and durable rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that you’ll fall in love with. 

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    Published 3/8/23; Last Updated 3/15/23

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