Madeline Models 2023 Jewelry Trends For MIMOSA Handcrafted

2023 Jewelry Trends — What Pieces to Wear and What Principles to Follow to Glow-up Your Look

It’s officially 2023! Are you ready to manifest the best year yet? At MIMOSA Handcrafted, we love a good glow-up, which is why we’re bringing you the best 2023 jewelry trends. Get ready to have more fun with your pieces and look great while doing it in 2023.

The 2023 Jewelry Pieces You Need

Oversized Earrings

COVID hit hard, but masks are being mostly retired, so it’s time to elevate your face with some stunning earrings. One of the biggest 2023 jewelry trends is that earrings are making a huge comeback.

We’re seeing oversized, bold statement earrings decorating everyone’s faces, and we love it! You can’t go wrong with this 2023 jewelry trend.

Check out some of the earrings we have at MIMOSA for this 2023 jewelry trend.

Shop the Shimmering Sun Earrings

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Madeline Models 2023 Jewelry Trends Featuring MIMOSA Handcrafted's Philodendron Earrings

Rings for Every Finger

In 2022, we saw rings grow in popularity, and this jewelry trend is continuing in 2023. Whether you are accessorizing with one or two big rings or layering five or six per hand, rings are one great way to refine your outfit and get a hold of 2023 with glamour.

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2023 is Big for Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Is your house full of plants? Do you love a good nature walk? Then this 2023 jewelry trend is perfect for you! This year, nature-inspired jewelry is in, and people are accessorizing with lovely pieces that keep the beauty of nature close. Wear beautiful flora-inspired pieces to remind you of spring or fauna-inspired pieces to recall your favorite wildlife.

Whatever the reason you love nature, MIMOSA will help you keep it close (and in style) all year.

Shop the Magnolia Pendant

Shop the Big Cat Collection

Shop the Cattail Cuff

Shop the Mimosa Leaf Cuff 

Madeline Models 2023 Jewelry Trends Featuring MIMOSA Handcrafted's Mimosa Leaf Bracelet


2023 Jewelry Principles that are Trending

Layer Your Jewelry in 2023

We talked about rings earlier and how some people stack several on each finger to really play up their outfits. But layering is not just a trend for individual pieces. Whether it's necklaces or mixed metals – layering is a big jewelry trend in 2023. Dainty and chunky necklaces, silver and bronze jewelry, mixing it up, and layering multiple pieces with make you shine in 2023.

Go Big & Bold with Your Jewelry in 2023

Big statement pieces are not too big for 2023. This jewelry trend is here for 2023, and we love it. Whether you’re sporting chandelier earrings, bold colors, or statement pendants, the big and the daring are winning this year.

Jump on this trend with some chunky pieces for yourself, and start this year off on the fun side of fashion.

Madeline Models 2023 Jewelry Trends For MIMOSA Handcrafted

Moody Gemstones are in This Year

We know that neutral colors have been popular for the past several years. Whites, greys, and tans have been the go-to in fashion and décor, but we’re happy to say that color is back in, which means beautiful moody stones.

Whether you love the dark green of emeralds or the energy of turquoise, you can’t go wrong with adding color to your jewelry for 2023.

Shop the 13 Stone Lapis Ring

Shop the Row Ring - Turquoise

Don't Be Afraid to Mix Your Metals

We talked about this a bit in layering, but it's so popular in 2023 that we want to make sure it stands out. Mixing your metals is a quick way to elevate your look this year. Gone are the days of monochrome metals.

Throw on a short bronze necklace, layer in a longer silver one, and don’t stop there. Embrace all the mixed metal looks, from the silver at the bottom of your jewelry box to the gold at the top (and add some bronze in the mix to spice it up!)

Shop the Entire Bronze & Sterling Silver Collection

Shop the Entire Gold-Filled Collection

Shop the Entire Gold Collection

Madeline Models 2023 Jewelry Trends For MIMOSA Handcrafted

Take on 2023 with Confidence When You Follow These Jewelry Trends

We love seeing what amazing looks you all put together with so much creativity. This new year will be one to remember, so let’s remember it in style with the best 2023 jewelry trends. Be sure to follow us and share some of your fabulous looks by tagging us on Instagram!


Published 2/21/23; Last Updated 2/21/23

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