MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze Mom Necklace

Mother's Day Jewelry to Celebrate Every Type of Mom

Mother's Day is a time to express our love and appreciation for the incredible moms (or motherly figures) who have shaped our lives. Jewelry has long been a favorite gift for this special occasion with its timeless charm and personal significance. At MIMOSA Handcrafted, we create pieces that tell stories of culture, history, and landscape, connecting the wearer with beauty and belonging. Join us in exploring the perfect Mother’s Day jewelry for various mom personalities, ensuring a memorable Mother's Day for all.

Mother's Day Jewelry for the Nature-Loving Mom

The nature-loving mom finds peace and solace in the great outdoors. She appreciates the beauty of the Earth and the interconnectedness of all living things. A piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day that reflects her love for nature, such as a pendant featuring flora or fauna, will make her feel cherished and understood.

Shop our Magnolia Collection for a beautiful flower piece that is in bloom every day and is sure to inspire a smile.

Succulents thrive in full sun or shade and come in many colors. That’s why our Succulent Collection also has wonderful options for the mom who loves this perfect plant and is resilient, just like it!

If your mom loves all the busy pollinators that make the plant world go round, this Bee Pendant would make for a sweet gift…just like their honey. :)

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze Magnolia Necklace

Mother's Day Jewelry for the Louisiana-Born-and-Raised Mom

The Louisiana mom is proud of her roots, embracing her home state's rich culture and history. Celebrate your mom’s heritage with a piece that highlights Louisiana's unique charm, such as a pendant or bracelet featuring the state's emblematic symbols, like the fleur-de-lis or a pelican.

If your mom loves the beauty of Louisiana, connect her to it at all times with the Louisiana Wild Pendant, which captures the quintessential Louisiana landscapes full of water, plants, and wildlife.

With so much to love about Louisiana, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of Mother’s Day jewelry at MIMOSA Handcrafted, which takes inspiration from the beauty of Louisiana.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze Pelican Bracelet with A Turquoise Stone Eye

Mother's Day Jewelry for the First-Time Mom

First-time moms are experiencing the joys and challenges of motherhood for the first time, and their first Mother's Day is an opportunity to honor this milestone. A piece of jewelry celebrating this big step will be a cherished memento of this new chapter in their lives.

The Mama or Mom Pendant is a classic and a favorite among first-time moms embracing their new role and title on their first Mother’s Day.

Pour all the love first-time moms give to their families back into them with this 143 I Love You Necklace, or shop the Amanda Ring or Cuff Collection, which can be personalized to include up to eight turquoise stones. The Amanda Jewelry is a great choice for Mother’s Day jewelry, as each stone can represent a family member in their growing family and keep them close to her heart at all times.

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze Mama Necklace
Shop the Mama Pendant

Mother's Day Jewelry for the Mindful Mom

The mindful mom is grounded, reflective, and values self-awareness. She seeks balance and harmony in life and appreciates the power of intention. Gift a piece of jewelry with meaning behind it that will resonate with her spiritual journey.

The Breathe Cuff is the perfect jewelry for the mindful mom as it’s a wearable guide for conscious, deliberate breathing throughout the day.

The Habit Tracker Cuff is also a practical Mother’s Day jewelry piece for a mindful mom. It helps your mom remember and track her habits, like drinking water or checking in with herself throughout the day, to encourage progress.

Another wonderful piece of Mother’s Day jewelry is the Labyrinth Pendant, which can be used during meditation or prayer breaks. It’s the perfect way to get lost while focusing inward.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Habit Tracker and Square Breathing Bracelets

Mother's Day Jewelry for the Minimalist Mom

The minimalist mom values simplicity, elegance, and quality over quantity. She appreciates clean lines and understated design. A delicate, timeless piece will complement her refined taste.

For the minimalist mom on Mother’s Day, our jewelry recommendations include the Self-Stacker Ring, which combines simplicity with beauty and makes stacking easy for anyone.

The Minimal Circle Turquoise Earrings are also great for a minimalist mom on Mother’s Day. And the Grace Pendant in Diamond or Turquoise is a simple and dainty piece, perfect for any occasion.

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze and Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

Mother's Day Jewelry for the Foodie Mom

The foodie mom loves exploring new flavors and savoring the world's culinary delights. A piece of Mother’s Day jewelry that celebrates her passion for food, like a charm bracelet featuring her favorite dishes or a pendant with a playful food motif, will make her heart sing.

These Mushroom Earrings are perfect for moms who love cooking up or enjoying these delectable ingredients. And speaking of ingredients, you can’t go wrong with the Cajun Holy Trinity Pendant of bell pepper, celery, and onion.

For the mom who loves seafood, you can shop the Oyster Shell Cuff jewelry for Mother’s Day or a crawfish boil-inspired piece. MIMOSA Handcrafted has a lot in common with the foodie mom. Explore all our jewelry for Mother’s Day, as we have plenty of food-inspired jewelry for you to choose from.

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MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze Mushroom Earrings

We Wish All Moms a Memorable Mother's Day

At MIMOSA Handcrafted, we understand the importance of finding the perfect jewelry piece for each mom's unique personality. We encourage you to explore our collection to connect your mom with what matters most, whether it be her culture, history, or passions. From all of us at MIMOSA Handcrafted, we wish you and your loved ones a special and memorable Mother's Day.


Published 5/10/23; Last Updated 5/10/23

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