The Bridge to Downtown in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

MIMOSA Visits Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

If you drive about 20 minutes south from Arnaudville, Louisiana, you'll find yourself in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana — "The Crawfish Capital of the World" and home to the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival. Breaux Bridge was one city we couldn't miss on our tour of south Louisiana.

Arriving in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

It's wild to think about how easily some of us fly by all these towns onto a bigger destination, never bothering to leave I-10. Just an hour from us, here in Baton Rouge, is one more town filled with history, charm, and community; it'd be a shame never to visit.

Downtown Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, is small but teeming with local businesses. Almost immediately, we drove across their bridge over Bayou Teche. Attached to the top of the bridge is a giant image of a crawfish. This a telltale sign that crawfish are a big deal here!

Ready to explore, we parked and opted for a walking tour of downtown Breaux Bridge.

The Bridge to Downtown in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Visiting Breaux Bridge, Louisiana — Dale's Pawn Shop

Our first stop in Breaux Bridge, LA, was Dale's Pawn Shop. It's stocked with a little bit of everything you'd expect to find in a pawn shop. If you're ever looking for Magnalite cookware, look no further.

Store Sign Outside Dale's Pawn Shop in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

If you're not familiar with its name, there's a chance you at least recognize it. Camellia Brand Beans even put together an article about it — "Magnalite: The Official Cookware of Cajun Country." Check that out, and then maybe pay Dale's a visit!

Get directions to Dale's Pawn Shop.

Magnalite Cookware Inside Dale's Pawn Shop

Visiting Breaux Bridge, Louisiana — Lagniappe Antique Mall

One thing to know about us is we love antique shops. (If you have a favorite antique or vintage shop in south Louisiana, comment below and tell us! We'd love to know.)

The Sign Outside of the Lagniappe Antique Mall in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Not long after arriving at the Lagniappe Antique Mall, we decided if we didn't make it anywhere else for the day, that'd be okay with us partly because the finds were so good and the place is huge!

Treasures line every aisle of the store. We found valuables we didn't know needed, probably didn't need (but really wanted), and what we didn't realize we'd been looking for everywhere! We can confidently say neither of us left the store empty-handed that day. And that it wasn't our last stop of the day.

An Ice Cream Mold For Sale At Lagniappe Antique Mall

Get directions to Lagniappe Antique Mall.

Antiques For Sale Inside Lagniappe Antique Mall

Visiting Breaux Bridge, Louisiana — Trove & Company

After a little more downtown exploring in downtown Breaux Bridge, LA, we stopped into another local business — Trove & Company. They have a great assortment of locally-inspired, locally-made gifts and other fun finds.

Madeline Holds a Cypress Knee Purchased From Trove & Company in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

But what caught our attention right away were the cypress knees. (Talk about something we didn't know we needed.) We sorted through various shapes and sizes and picked out three. They'll get deliveries of them now and then, so keep an eye out!

Get directions to Trove & Company.

Visiting Breaux Bridge, Louisiana — Angelle's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Our walking tour of downtown Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, worked up an appetite. More than ready for a meal, we popped into Angelle's Old Fashioned Hamburgers. And while the place may be a burger joint, they make, dare we say, one of the best shrimp po-boys around.

The Window Art and Signage Outside Angelle's Old Fashioned Hamburgers In Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Paired with fries and a jug of unsweet tea on the table, we refueled and chatted with the owner as we ate. It turns out he also owns another store around the corner — Angelle's Vintage Treasures.

Get directions to Angelle's Old Fashioned Hamburgers.

**Be sure you check restaurant hours before you go! Most places close around 2 PM!**

A Shimp Po-Boy And Sweet Potato Fries From Angelle's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Visiting Breaux Bridge, Louisiana — Bayou Cabins

While researching places to visit in Breaux Bridge, LA, the image of a giant crawfish sculpture appeared repeatedly. And with a little more digging, we discovered it calls the Bayou Cabins home.

Giant Crawfish Sculpture On the Bayou Cabins Property in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

The Bayou Cabins is a bed and breakfast nestled away off a main road and backs right up to Bayou Teche! It truly feels like you're in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by an eclectic mix of cute, little cabins. There's even one named after country artist Merle Haggard.

A Cabin On The Banks Of Bayou Teche in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

The Bayou Cabins also made National Geographic's "Best Hotels in the Central U.S." list in 2011! So, if you're considering making your visit to Breaux Bridge an overnight stay, maybe check in to one of these bayou cabins. 

Get directions to the Bayou Cabins.

The Entrance Sign for the Bayou Cabins in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Visiting Breaux Bridge, Louisiana — The "Pink Cookie"

What's a trip to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, without sampling the town's official cookie? Champagne's Bakery, established in 1888, is the business behind this popular pink cookie. We got the sense they're a hot commodity after checking (and re-checking) their Facebook for restock alerts prior to our visit.

On our way back to Baton Rouge, we stopped at Crawfish Town USA Restaurant & Market in Henderson, Louisiana, and scooped up a bucket of pink cookies. That's right, a bucket. They come in a bucket of 36 cookies, perfect for sharing (or not :)

Champagne Bakery's Famous Pink Cookie in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

And after trying them, there's a good chance we'll go back for more. Champagne's has been hand-making this pink cookie with its secret family recipe since the 1930s, and we just can't quite put our finger on what makes it so good.

They describe it as a "light and fluffy cream filled cookie." You have to try it the next time you're in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Or, even better, get a bucket of these cookies shipped right to you wherever you are. Order cookies online.

Visiting Breaux Bridge, Louisiana — More Sites Around Town

Here are a few more snapshots from our time in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana! If you plan your own day trip (or overnight stay at the Bayou Cabins) be sure to post and tag us. We'd love to see how you enjoy your trip or if there are any places we need to visit next time!

Already know places we need to visit but missed this time around? Comment below and let us know!

Bayou Teche & the Bayou Teche Visitor Center
Visit the Bayou Teche Visitor Center

The Bayou Teche in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
The Bayou Teche Visitor Center in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival Memorabilia

The Old Opera House
Visit the Old Opera House

The Old Opera House in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
A Giant Mimosa Tree Next to the Old Opera House in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Fun outside The Fruit Stand
Visit The Fruit Stand Inc.

Playing Pretend With The Alligator Statue Outside Of The Fruit Stand Inc. In Breaux Bridge, Louisiana


Published 4/29/24; Last Updated 4/29/24

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