NUNU Arts and Culture Collective in Arnaudville, Louisiana

MIMOSA visits Arnaudville, Louisiana

While the MIMOSA team knew of Arnaudville, Louisiana, and how it was only about an hour from Baton Rouge, we didn't know much else. One of the easiest ways to find out about a place is to visit, so that's what we did one day in February. Armed with a list of recommendations of where to stop, we loaded into the car and headed west.

Arriving in Arnaudville, Louisiana

Nearing our destination, we traded the Interstate for two-lane, more rural roads and seemingly endless open fields. Before we knew it, we were in the center of the small but charming town. We were delighted to learn Bayou Teche runs right through Arnaudville, Louisiana.

Visiting Arnaudville, Louisiana — The NUNU Arts and Culture Collective

Upon walking in, we were greeted by NUNU Director Peg Ramier and Board President Jacqueline Cochran, and it felt as if we were visiting old friends. With a tray of coffee and tea between us, they told us about the history of NUNU and the community and local businesses that make up the city of Arnaudville, Louisiana.

Tom, who moved down to Louisiana from Maine, owns one of those businesses — Tom's Fiddle & Bow. Alongside offering instruments and repairs, Tom's Fiddle & Bow hosts a JAMbalaya Acoustic Music Jam on the first Sunday of the month. How fun is that?

Instruments at Tom's Fiddle and Bow in Arnaudville, Louisiana

It truly sounds like all sorts of people, NUNU volunteers included, are making Arnaudville, Louisiana, a great place to call home. And we don't think there's anything better you could ask for in a community. 

About NUNU Arts and Culture Collective

NUNU Arts and Culture Collective is a volunteer-run nonprofit founded by George Marks, a contemporary visual artist and social sculptor.

It functions as"an educational organization that works to encourage the development of artistic talents, skills, knowledge and business savvy by connecting artists with other artists, businesses, organizations and programs."

Gallery Space at NUNU Arts and Culture Collective in Arnaudville, Louisiana

At NUNU, you'll find dedicated gallery space, resources and equipment for members to use, space for classes and workshops, and more!

That day, we purchased two miniature handmade wooden chairs from Larry Bourque and a mug from Peg Ramier. Their work was on display and available for purchase in one of the galleries. (You can find one of the chairs displayed at the MIMOSA Shoppe!)

Click here for more info about how to become a member.

Pottery at the NUNU Arts and Culture Collective in Arnaudville, Louisiana

NUNU is also a huge proponent of creative placemaking, which essentially celebrates the elements that make your specific town unique and encourages community engagement.

Learn more about NUNU & Corridor des Arts — "An art and culture trail following the highways and byways connecting the colorful Louisiana towns/communities of Sunset, Grand Coteau, Frozard Arnaudville, Cecilia, and Henderson."

Deux Bayous Gallery Inside NUNU Arts and Culture Collective in Arnaudville, Louisiana

Second Saturday Visual Artists Day

On the second Saturday of each month, visit NUNU to meet the artists currently displaying their work in the gallery...and even take home a piece...or two. ;) 

Check out NUNU's full calendar of events here.


Visiting Arnaudville, Louisiana — The Little BIG Cup

We popped into The Little BIG Cup for lunch (which is just around the corner from Tom's Fiddle & Bow). It wasn't too busy that day, but we know it's packed sometimes. Make a reservation if you're going Friday-Sunday, with a large party, or for a special occasion.

We opted for a table outside on the Upper Deck overlooking Bayou Fuselier. Between the weather and the ambiance alone, we knew we were in for a good dining experience.

Fried Green Tomatoes at The Little Big Cup in Arnaudville, Louisiana

When it was time to order, we started with an appetizer of fried green tomatoes (we can't recommend those enough), and each kept it simple with a salad...and an order of their Cajun Fried Mushrooms. 

They offer everything from Seafood Nachos to Fried Crawfish Cornbread...and those are just the appetizers. We thought the Seafood Loaded Baked Potato and Praline Chicken & Waffles entrees sounded particularly delicious.

The Little Big Cup Restaurant Signage in Arnaudville, Louisiana


Visiting Arnaudville, Louisiana — Bayou Teche Brewing

After lunch, we headed to our next destination. Bayou Teche Brewing just so happened to be on the way, and while we didn't stop in, we drove by for a closer look at their colorful mural.

The Bayou Teche Brewing Tap Room and Beer Garden are open Thursday-Sunday, are family and pet friendly, and have freshly-made Cajun Saucer pizza right on site!

Bayou Teche Brewing in Arnaudville, Louisiana

Visiting Arnaudville, Louisiana — Maison Stephanie

Our last stop of the day was the Maison Stephanie Bed & Breakfast. Upon arriving, one of the first things we noticed was how quiet it was — there was no noise other than the chirping birds or the occasional passing car. 

Maison Stephanie in Arnaudville, Louisiana

One of the owners, Kenneth P. Douet, met us at the door and gave us a tour of the home and surrounding grounds. He explained its history as we explored. The house, completed around 1796, is filled with story-telling elements that highlight those who'd lived there before.

Aside from being a B&B, Maison Stephanie also hosts weddings and events.

The Grounds of Maison Stephanie in Arnaudville, Louisiana

Learn more about Maison Stephanie here!

Leaving Arnaudville, Louisiana

We were already planning our return to Arnaudville as we headed out of town. Most likely scheduled around one of NUNU's Second Saturday events. 

Just about an hour outside Baton Rouge, Arnaudville makes for an excellent day trip...or maybe a weekend stay. We know a place. ;) 

We think you'll be glad you made the trip. 


Published 7/12/23; Last Updated 7/12/23

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