Mimosa Handcrafted's Bronze Grid Pattern Jewelry Is Displayed On A White Table

Grid Jewelry — Bringing Balance And Symmetry To Your Everyday

Shop the MIMOSA Handcrafted Grid Collection.

Each piece in the Grid Collection will nestle in or stack nicely with all your favorite MIMOSA. 

We'll tell you why we made grid pattern jewelry, which pieces you'll find in the collection, and how we made it (we think that part's pretty cool.) 

Making a Grid Pattern Jewelry Collection

From Madeline:

Around the beginning of 2021, I found myself increasingly drawn to the grid pattern.

Maybe it was the fun and funky ways it was popping up in the creative world, but it felt deeper than that, almost primal. And I had to know why.

How long have humans been making grids? Why are we drawn to them aesthetically and why do we heavily lean on them as a way to organize just about anything?

After digging in, it turns out grids have been around since our ancient ancestors laid out their village huts. Not only does the grid pattern allow us to organize the chaos around us, but it also creates a balance and symmetry that calms us.

That was it. The calming part.

Jewelry as a tool for calming has been a concept I’ve played with for years, but after this last year, it went from curious interest to desperate need.

In this case, the tool is more of an aesthetic reminder of knowing what works for you. For me, it’s simplicity and order that have always given my monkey mind a sense of peace and harmony.

Shop The Grid Pattern Collection

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Bronze Grid Pattern Jewelry Collection

The cast bronze metal version of the Grid Collection.

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Shop the Grid Ring — 1 Row


How did we make the Grid Pattern Jewelry Collection? 

Madeline carves most pieces in the MIMOSA collection by hand, but every now and then, she and Grace, our talented former Head of Production, would team up and use Grace's 3D design skills to help bring Madeline's idea for a piece to life.

For this particular grid pattern collection, the production method that made the most sense was using a CAD program (that's Computer-Aided Design) and 3D printing (instead of carving the grid pattern collection by hand.)

How does that work exactly? Madeline would bring a sketch or idea for a new piece to Grace, and Grace would create a digital model of it in a CAD program (pictured below.) They'd decide what all the technical parts of the piece (size, shape, etc.) should look like, and Grace would begin working on the digital version.

MIMOSA's Grid Design in a Computer Aided Design (or CAD) Program

The Grid Collection is being designed in CAD.

First, Grace made a digital sample of how each piece in the grid pattern collection should look. Then, she emailed the design to a company that would 3D print the sample for us.

Once we approved the 3D-printed sample, Grace took the digital grid design, shaped it into a soon-to-be wearable version, and the final pieces were 3D printed.

MIMOSA's 3D Printed Grid Pattern Jewelry Collection

 The 3D-printed version of the Grid Collection.

After Grace took a mold of the finalized 3D-printed pieces, they were ready to enter production as usual and go from wax to cast metal at our studio via the lost-wax casting method. 

SEE IT IN ACTION: See the MIMOSA Handcrafted Grid Collection in the CAD design program.

Whether you, too, appreciate the peace and harmony that a grid pattern can bring or if you simply find them aesthetically pleasing, we hope you enjoy this MIMOSA collection as much as we do.

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Shop the MIMOSA Handcrafted Grid Collection

Shop the Grid Cuff — 4 Row — Being discontinued: 40% OFF Now - July 21. (Or until sold out.)

Shop the Grid Cuff — 1 Row 

Shop the Grid Ring — 3 Row — Being discontinued: 40% OFF Now - July 21. (Or until sold out.)

Shop the Grid Ring — 1 Row

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    Published 6/18/21; Last Updated 7/13/23

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