MIMOSA Handcrafted's Grace Necklaces with Birthstone for Each Month

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Collection of Birthstone Jewelry

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Birthstone Jewelry Collection

Celebrate birthdays with personalized birthstone jewelry from MIMOSA Handcrafted. Our collection includes gemstones that reflect each month’s birthstone and a variety of ways to wear them, from dainty necklaces to statement cuffs.

Find a link to each piece in our Birthstone Jewelry Guide below.

Download MIMOSA's Guide to Birthstone Jewelry 

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Birthstone Jewelry Options

Birthstone Jewelry for January — Garnet

Birthstone Jewelry for February — Amethyst

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Grace Necklace with Amethyst

Shop the Grace Necklace + Amethyst

Birthstone Jewelry for March — Aquamarine

Birthstone Jewelry for April — Diamond

MIMOSA Handcrafted Pelican Cuff with an Emerald Eye

Shop the Pelican Cuff + Emerald Eye

Birthstone Jewelry for May — Emerald

Birthstone Jewelry for June — Alexandrite

Birthstone Jewelry for July — Ruby

MIMOSA Handcrafted Dot to Dot Ring with Sapphire Stones

Shop the Dot to Dot Ring + Sapphires

Birthstone Jewelry for August — Peridot

Birthstone Jewelry for September — Sapphire

Birthstone Jewelry for October — Pink Tourmaline

MIMOSA Handcrafted's Snake Bracelet with Turquoise, Ruby, Diamond, and Emerald Eyes

Shop the Snake-Rope Cuff with gemstone eyes — Pictured here with turquoise, ruby, diamond, and emerald eyes.

Birthstone Jewelry for November — Citrine

Birthstone Jewelry for December — Blue Topaz

Gemstones for Each Birth Month

Shop MIMOSA Handcrafted's Birthstone Jewelry Collection.



Published 1/24/24; Last Updated 1/24/24

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