Jewelry with stones could take up to 3 weeks to ship. If you need a piece sooner, please contact us to see if it is in stock.
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    Which pieces are not eligible for a wholesale discount?

    -Pelican Cuff with Birthstone Eye
    -14k gold jewelry
    -“You Are My Sunshine” mug
    -Monogram jewelry
    -Smoke Perfume Set
    -oLive + ani products

    How do I place a wholesale order?

    -Log on to
    -Add desired pieces to your shopping cart.
    -Enter all information and proceed to checkout as customer.
    -Enter your personalized wholesale discount code during checkout. This will reduce your order total by 50 percent. If you need your code, email us at and we’ll send it over!

    Why am I being charged sales tax on my wholesale order?

    Louisiana wholesale customers will be charged sales tax upon their first order, which we will reimburse immediately. Be sure to create a “customer account” so we can mark you as tax exempt for future orders!
    *Customer accounts can be created through the homepage of the website (top right corner.)

    I have a customer who needs an item asap! How can I get this for them?

    We always, always want to make what we can happen for you and your customers! Reach out to us via phone or email as soon as a customer makes a request to confirm availability before guaranteeing an item by a certain date, and we’ll get back to you with an answer right away!
    *Items in bronze are typically more readily available. Items in sterling silver or with turquoise stones are usually made to order.

    I need my order shipped out sooner than the 4-6 weeks processing time! Is that possible?

    We do our best to accommodate you however we can! Contact us with the situation and we’ll see what we can make happen. We also offer expedited shipping for an additional charge, however, expedited shipping does not alter processing time.

    What if a piece of jewelry breaks at the store when a customer’s trying it on?

    If a customer breaks an item in-store, please let us know and we’ll send you a replacement. If the broken item is bronze, it may be discarded (or if you’d like to send it back, we’ll melt it down and recycle it.) If the item is sterling silver, includes stones or has a chain that’s still intact, please keep them and we’ll send you a mailing label to return the piece back to us.
    *Please be mindful of how customers are interacting with jewelry. Let them know cuffs, bracelets and adjustable rings are meant to be adjusted only one time after purchase. Repeated bending of almost any metal will result in an eventual break.
    Check out our video here about how to properly apply a MIMOSA cuff! 

    My customer has a metal allergy! What metals are in our MIMOSA jewelry?

    MIMOSA sells solid bronze and solid sterling silver jewelry. Bronze is composed of copper and a little bit of tin while sterling silver is made of silver and copper.

    Oh no! My customer’s jewelry turned them green! What happened?

    No worries, nothing’s wrong, this can happen with bronze jewelry sometimes! Bronze is made of mostly copper, so if you have a reaction to copper, you can have a similar reaction to bronze. Most of our customers are able to curb that with a little clear enamel on the inside and not wearing the piece when they know they’ll be perspiring.
    *If your customer would like to return or exchange the jewelry for a different piece, please help them in that process and we’d be happy to clean up the tarnished piece and return it to you or help facilitate an exchange.
    *Some local jewelers offer gold plating. We offer the option of sterling silver or solid 14k gold. The gold is a significant investment but if a customer is interested, it is something that’s available!

    My customer wants to place an order but isn’t sure which cuff size is needed. How can we help determine the proper size?

     Some of our cuffs are only available in one size, while others are offered in small and medium sizes. An easy way to determine wrist size is to take a piece of string or paper, wrap it around the wrist and measure that length against a ruler. This will provide a wrist measurement, which can be checked against the cuff sizes listed on the product page.
    *If your customer is still concerned about the way a cuff will fit, send us the measurements and we can make the cuff to their specific wrist size!

    How long will it take my order to get to me once it’s been shipped?

    We ship our orders USPS Priority Mail with insurance and tracking! As soon as an order is shipped, you’ll be emailed with a tracking number that will keep you up-to-date with your order’s status. Priority Mail shipments may include up to $50 of insurance. If you’d like to purchase additional insurance or request a signature upon delivery, please let us know.

    Our jewelry is beginning to change colors. What should we do?

    It’s a simple fix! After time, bronze jewelry, just like silver and copper, can begin to tarnish. Wash the piece with soapy water to remove any dirt etc., dry it thoroughly and finish up by polishing it with our jewelry cleaning cloth and it should be good as new. If a piece proves difficult to clean (for you or your customer) send it back to us, we’ll take care of it here in the shop and get it back to you asap! Be sure to watch out Bronze DIY Cleaning Guide on our YouTube Channel for a step-by-step walk through. 

    What’s your return policy?

    All MIMOSA jewelry purchased directly from a retail location must be returned at that same retail location. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

    What’s your exchange policy?

    All MIMOSA jewelry purchased directly from a retail location should be exchanged at that same retail location. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. If a customer needs to exchange for an item you do not have in store, contact us and we’ll absolutely help facilitate the exchange!

    What’s your repair policy?

    If a customer needs a jewelry repair, please have them contact us directly at and we’ll take care of it!