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    MADELINE ELLIS     @mimosahandcrafted

    Owner/Creative Director

    Madeline has been making jewelry in one form or another for more than 20 years. With the nudge and support of Dawson she created MIMOSA in 2008 then took the business full time in 2013. She turns her ideas into carefully hand-carved wax creations to be cast into metal and focuses on the direction and mission of MIMOSA.


    If she's not at work she's probably with her kids, at a book club/ business club meeting, running the lakes or The Office Trivia Night (killing it).


     Dawson EllisDAWSON ELLIS     @manmosahandcrafted

    Owner/ Designer/ Shop Construction & Maintenance

    Dawson, former Landscape Architect, and serial entrepreneur sold his company to join MIMOSA in August 2015. He does everything from make and create jewelry and setting stones to adding a second story to the shop when we need it. There is no way a title could capture what he brings to the table, just trust us when we say he’s multi-faceted ;)

    In his free time he digs old cars out of the woods and swamps --see more about that at @manmosahustle


    grace simmonson holdon

    GRACE HOLDEN     @gracesholden

    Head of Production

    Grace came to MIMOSA in June 2017 with casting experience she was eager to put to work! She's all about production from building wax pieces to pouring melted metal, she takes the ideas from their wax to wearable form! Most recently we’ve been working to cut down on carving time by using her skills with the milling machine. She cuts the wax base for a design and hands it off to Madeline to finish the details.

    When she's not at MIMOSA she keeps her hand busy @surgudstudios making things like this embroidered beauty she's wearing!


    Greta Jines

    GRETA JINES     @gretajines

    Director of Shop Operations

    Greta joined MIMOSA in August 2017 with a background in mass communication. She is the manager of all things! She also writes blog posts and newsletters, creates content, works events, manages our schedules and supplies and generally keeps us and the shop running like a machine.

    Away from us she's probably tending to her growing garden or planning adventures.


    Donna May Stein


    Buffing and Finishing

    She started out as a long time customer from Lafayette (originally from southern California) but she eventually made her way to join our team in September of 2018. She's been buffing and polishing jewelry to perfection ever since!

    She's a curator of all things vintage and a master of recycling denim into wearable works of art.




    Alina helps us navigate change and pursue greatness in all that we do, through everything from one-on-one check-ins to full day workshops where we analyze and reflect on what worked and didn't and how we can improve. She challenges us to show up fully for our work and each other and helps us to be accountable to that.

    She works remotely from 30A and spends her days pretty much like this picture- on the beach living her best life ;)


    SAMANTHA WOOD     @simple__sam

    Shipping Specialist

    Samantha joined MIMOSA full time in September 2019. She came to us with such impressive shipping skills she made the choice an easy one. She's brand new on the team and we're excited to have her! If you place an order from here on out, more than likely she's the one who sent it to you with all the care in the world!   




    Andrew joined MIMOSA full time in 2020. He does a little bit of almost everything. He's a true jack-of-all-trades ready and willing to take on any project we throw his way.



    SAMARA THOMAS     @sam____thomas

    Buffing and Antiquing

    Sam joined MIMOSA full time in 2020 - mostly buffing and antiquing jewelry for you! She's a wildly talented artist and when she isn't with us, she's creating and selling her artwork at the Mid City Makers Market!




      Inventory Specialist     @sarahcam13

      Sarah joined the MIMOSA team part time in fall
      2020, helping assemble and package your 
      holiday orders! Now, she's with us full time to 
      manage all things inventory related. Away from 
      work, you can find her cheering on her favorite
      football team! :)