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Meet the most impactful pieces MIMOSA has made to date — the MIMOSA Handcrafted Hug Collection.

It's one of their more popular collections. And because of you (any of the customers who own or have gifted Hug jewelry!) it's also a collection that has allowed us to give back to their Baton Rouge community in more ways than we could have imagined.

The idea around the launch of the Hug Ring was born in the spirit of connection and doing what we can, with what we have, from where we are.

Not long after 2020's stay-at-home order went into effect here in Louisiana, MIMOSA wanted a way to offer help at a time when we were all feeling pretty helpless. They kind of knew what to do during a hurricane or flood, but a pandemic was new territory.

They reached out to Dr. Ashley Saucier, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, about what on-the-ground help could look like for our community. Her immediate response — "Scrub Grub." The Baton Rouge Emergency Aid Coalition (BREAC) was one organization raising funds to send meals to our hardworking health care providers through its "Scrub Grub" efforts.

And with its launch, a portion of each Hug Ring purchase gave back.
In 2020, purchases of this little ring gave back over $20k in meals to BREAC (#ScrubGrub) and Shift Support for our hardworking health care providers, it also funded 100 summer bike kits to Front Yard Bikes to give to kids who needed them most. Proceeds from Hug Ring sales were also donated to the Mental Health Association for Greater Baton Rouge and besides all of the funds donated the pieces kept MIMOSA going during a pandemic

The Hug Ring was their best seller of 2020 and a huge portion of rings purchased were gifts. It’s clear — people needed to get and give hugs, and we’re thankful you chose our wearable rings in place of the embraces we are all were used to.

If you’re wearing one of the thousands of Hug Rings that we made in 2020, thank you. If you gave one, thank you.