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POST 8 - Pelican Collection (917 characters)

The Pelican has become the signature collection at MIMOSA Handcrafted. Read below for a little backstory directly from Madeline (designer/creator at MIMOSA)..

"The pelican lived in mind for YEARS before it became a physical thing I could hold in my hand. The first one I carefully carved in clay for days. It wasn’t dry enough when I fired it, and it exploded in the kiln. I cried on the kitchen floor.

The next one was precious metal clay but always too thick to come out without cracks or was easily broken.

It took years and lots of mistakes to get to the place where we could make her wearable. When people ask what my favorite piece is I say the pelican, no question. I love the pelican for being the epitome of sacrifice, a symbol of home, majestic and hardy, and most of all for me, I love it for our journey together."

If you have one or want one- we'd love to hear why and what this beautiful bird means to you!