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    POST 7 - Soul Friend Collection (1,950 characters)

    A "soul friend" is a friendship where your soul finds its most kindred companionship. (And it doesn't necessarily mean just one, some of the best pictures are of whole groups of Soul Friends with all of their hands together!)

    Depicted on this piece are the words "Anam Cara" in Ogham. Ogham is an ancient script that was used to write the early Irish language from 300-800 AD. The term "Anam Cara" is Gaelic for "soul friend."

    Friendship jewelry is a wearable way to declare, celebrate and hold close the gift of friendship. And while the pieces you choose to wear may change as you move through life, we like to think that friendship jewelry and what it represents never loses its relevance.

    The MIMOSA Soul Friend Collection functions just the same! Wear this piece to remind you of your Anam Cara, everything they are for you, and the gift of their presence in your life. Or give it to your Anam Cara as a next level BFF present.

    The woven friendship bracelet, the BFF heart necklace — friendship jewelry has been around for as long as we can remember. You may have had one of those pieces growing up, or maybe you're even wearing one right now!

    The MIMOSA Soul Friend Collection exists as a sort of grown-up version of friendship jewelry.

    Listed a few occasions and ways perfect for gifting these pieces to your soul friend:

    Simply, just because :)
    National Best Friend Day (that's June 8!)
    To celebrate your friendaversary — that's your friendship anniversary
    As a gift to your significant other
    As a gift to your sibling(s)
    A gift between parents and children
    As a gift for members of your wedding party
    To make a long distance relationship with your soul friend feel juuust a little bit closer
    One of our all-time favorite ways to see our pieces is shared between friends and even better, between soul friends. If you and your soul friends get together, be sure to post and tag us with #mimosainthewild!