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    POST 6 - Green Skin (2,149 characters)

    Ever wonder why bronze turn skin green? We've got the answers!

    Q: Oh no! My jewelry turned me green! What happened?

    A:There are a few things you can do about bronze turning your skin green. Below is a little backstory below on it, how MIMOSA makes it, and what you can do.

    -The Metal:

    Bronze is made mostly of copper (copper like the Statue of Liberty)

    It’s durable and very long lasting (Lady Liberty looks amazing for her age‍) And with a quick search online, you can find near perfect ancient bronze coins, jewelry, sculptures and artifacts — this stuff will outlast all of us.

    -The Process:

    MIMOSA uses the ancient art of lost-wax casting (just like the ancient Egyptians) right here in their south Louisiana workshop and hand cast all of their pieces.

    MIMOSA's designs are cast in the highest quality solid bronze, sterling silver and 14k gold sourced in the USA. They’ve found bronze to be the best alternative to gold - it’s a much more accessible price point, durable and looks so much like gold, if it wasn’t stamped 14k, you might not be able to tell the difference!

    -Back to the Green:

    This has everything to do with the acid in our skin. It reacts to the copper in the bronze and creates a tarnish that can rub off on us!

    Ever notice it’s more likely to happen when you’re outside sweating or dehydrated? Some of us are naturally acidic and it almost doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing - it will happen.

    -There ARE a few things you can do to curb the green:

    Paint the inside of the piece with clear fingernail polish. We’ve tried all the fancy enamels, but clear fingernail polish is still our favorite.
    Don’t wear your pieces when you’ll be sweating a lot (ha south Louisiana means that’s pretty much always ;) in that case see #1 ;)
    Have the pieces gold plated. If you look online there are companies that can help with this!
    Go GOLD! 14k gold is certainly an investment, but it’s an option we offer.

    The integrity of the jewelry MIMOSA makes is top priority, and part of that is education on the materials and process of what they do. We hope this helps answer some questions you had or might have about the metal that makes MIMOSA ♥️