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POST 5 - Adjusting MIMOSA Cuffs (1,022 characters)

A quick how-to guide to adjusting MIMOSA Handcrafted cuff bracelets

1. Find the spot between the two bones on your wrist, at about the spot you'd like to wear the cuff.
2. Gently wedge one side of the cuff between the two bones and rock the cuff on around your wrist till it is on.
3. There should not be an opening with enough space that the cuff will fall off your wrist. If it could fall off, very gently squeeze it no more that 1-3 times to adjust it to the best fit. (Use caution, repeated adjusting can weaken the metal and cause it to break.)

Some MIMOSA cuffs are readily available in one size, while others are offered in small and medium sizes.

An easy way to determine wrist size is to take a piece of string, wrap it around the wrist and measure that length against a ruler. This will provide a wrist measurement, which can be checked against the cuff sizes listed on the product page.

If you still have a question about which size to order or don't see the size you need, message us and we'll help figure it out!