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    POST 4 - Cleaning Bronze Jewelry (1, 578 characters)

     A Guide to How to Clean Bronze Jewelry

    Below is MIMOSA’s comprehensive care guide to their bronze jewelry complete with DIY cleaning and care instructions, how-to videos and more.

    *This cleaning guide is intended for cleaning bronze jewelry without stones.


    -Bronze polishing cream
    -Cotton towel
    -Dishwashing soap
    -Green scouring pad
    -Jewelry cleaning cloth
    -MIMOSA cloth bag
    -Steel wool

    The thing about well-loved jewelry is that it will need to be cleaned every now and then, but the upside is that it’s pretty simple to make it look like new!

    1. Gather your DIY cleaning supplies and bronze jewelry (without stones).
    2. Fill a small bowl with water. (You can do this over the sink, too. However, you run the risk of a piece falling down the drain. If washing over the sink, make sure your drain stopper is secure).
    3. Add a drop of dishwashing soap to the green scouring pad* and add water to dampen.
    4. Scrub outside and inside surfaces of jewelry.
    5. Rinse jewelry thoroughly with water.
    6. Use the cotton towel to dry jewelry completely.
    7. Once dry, use the jewelry cleaning cloth to restore its shine.

    Keep on wearing your favorite MIMOSA. :)
    *The green scouring pad will leave your jewelry with a brushed finish, however, the jewelry cleaning cloth will help restore its shine.

    It’s a durable metal great for everyday wear, and although easily restored, bronze can also develop a natural patina over time. (We think the patina look can be beautiful and desirable as well — it’s really all about personal preference!)