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    MIMOSA Logos

    MIMOSA logos- png files for promotional use

    Get to Know MIMOSA 10 POSTS:

    Use the pre-written captions and images in the following links to introduce your customers to MIMOSA, tell backstories of our most popular pieces, how they are made, the materials they are made of and how to care for them!

    POST 1 - Introduction to MIMOSA

    POST 2 - Lost Wax Casting

    POST 3 - Gold-Filled Jewelry

    POST 4 - Cleaning Bronze Jewelry

    POST 5 - Adjusting MIMOSA Cuffs

    POST 6 - Green Skin

    POST 7 - Soul Friend Collection

    POST 8 - Pelican Collection

    POST 9 - Hug Collection

    POST 10 - ASL Collection