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    POST 2 - Lost Wax Casting ( 972 characters)

    A little backstory to the ancient art of Lost Wax Casting method MIMOSA Handcrafted uses to create all of their work!

    MIMOSA casts in bronze, sterling silver and 14k gold. Every step of the process is done in-house in their south Louisiana studio.

    Each piece starts with a drawing that moves to 3 dimension when they take it to wax.

    Once the pieces are completely carved, they are added to what is called a wax "tree" and a plaster-like mold is made of them.

    Once the mold hardens, the flask is heated up so that all of the wax melts out (this is the lost-wax part) and leaves behind a void of exactly the wax that was carved.

    The empty mold is then heated up to the temperature of the melted metal so that when they pour the metal in, it will fill in all the voids.

    After the piece is cast, the mold must be dissolved in water.

    Once the mold is fully dissolved, they clip the metal jewelry off the tree, buff it to a shine and finish it before they send it out into the world!