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    • The jewelry in this collection is solid 14K gold made using the lost-wax casting process.

    • Our 14K gold pieces are made to order, as we do not keep gold jewelry in stock. It will be at least 2 weeks before your order is ready. If you are hoping to receive your order by a certain date, contact us.

    • These 14K gold pieces are also not eligible for any discounts.

    • At this time, our solid 14K gold pendants come on 14/20 gold-filled chains.

    • For info about our 14K gold shipping fees and return/exchange policies, read 14K GOLD FAQs.

    • Visit our MIMOSA Shoppe in Baton Rouge to see and shop select 14K gold pieces in person!

    Don't see the piece you want in 14K gold listed here? Contact us

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