Meet Mimosa: Grace

Over the last few years Mimosa has gone from a one-woman-show to an A-team of wildly and distinctly talented people! They're all so cool and so talented I couldn't keep them to myself. The "about" section just wasn't cutting it so we're expanding on their awesomeness with a series of #MEETMIMOSA interviews over the next few weeks. 

We're proud to introduce you to Grace Simonson!

How did you come to work at Mimosa and how do you describe your role?

Well, I actually wanted to work at Mimosa for at least a year before I started.  I told everyone when I was hired that I got my dream job, and five months later, I can honestly say I got my dream job. I have a background in metal, and I really wanted to spend my days working with my hands with a material I love.  Mimosa has been that and so much more! It's so fun and inspiring to work for a company that is incredibly motivated and excited.  Ideas become plans, that become finished products extremely quickly around here.  If I had to describe my daily role, it would be jewelry moving. I help keep the jewelry moving from wax to mold to casting to buffing to the, finally, shiny product.  My number one priority is buffing the jewelry so it's ready to be sent out, but I like to help out with each step of the process.

Tell us about your typical day of work.  Are there any valuable daily habits you’ve found work for you?

Hmm a typical day of work for me depends on the day really and where we’re at in the lost wax process.  I spend most of my time buffing all the jewelry. Basically that means I clean all the jewelry up and make it really shiny.  I recently got into podcasts (thanks to Madeline!) and I am obsessed.  I love to put on a podcast and zone out buffing jewelry for hours.  Fridays are my new favorite though because on Fridays we pour metal! It’s an adrenaline rush and a feeling of confidence that comes with pouring molten metal.

How does being at Mimosa nurture or contribute to the work you want to do in the world?

I love working with metal.  I graduated from LSU last December with a degree in sculpture. My approach to art is heavily influenced by process and material. I believe that understanding a material allows you to truly explore its boundaries and manipulate it to create dynamic, detailed work.  So having the opportunity to explore and learn all about a material and process is a dream and enough to make me happy forever.  But in the last couple of months, I have found so much more than just a material appreciation at Mimosa.  Everyone here has dedication and energy to do good work.

What is your favorite piece of Mimosa jewelry and why?

The Crescent City Cuff! It’s my newest piece from Mimosa, and it’s definitely my favorite. I just love the repetition of the moons. I also have my eyes on the new crown ring. Every time I try it on I feel like a queen and who doesn’t want that?

What piece of advice would you give yourself two years ago?

Don’t be afraid! Let's be real here though, that's still advice I need to hear!  Sometimes I find myself so afraid to do something new in both my everyday life and creatively.  I doubt my abilities and who I am.  I have missed out on conferences and events because I was too nervous.  But I have to remember everyone is afraid and nervous at some point, and when I do swallow my fear and jump in, it's always so, so worth it.  Action cures fear.  I try to live by those words by being positive and energetic.

What do you consider your superpower?

In the spirit of Halloween, I feel it’s only right to reveal that I’m actually a vampire. ;)

What makes you wildly happy?

My fiancé Robert! We’ve been living together for five years now and we're getting married in February (can’t wait!).  I am always laughing when I am with him and he makes every situation fun. He really is my best friend, and I can’t imagine life without him. Lame, I know, but it’s true.  

What are your top 3 books of all time?

  1. The Shining” by Stephen King
  2. Invisible Monsters” by Chuck Palahniuk
  3. "Interaction of Color” by Josef Albers

What are 5 things you want to do in your life?

  1. I want to create an artist collective of 3D works that shows work once or twice a year. We all need motivation to create work so why not do that with the support of a community around you.
  2. I want to be a successful artist.  What exactly successful means is loose for me.
  3. I want to be always creating, and as long as I am making, I will consider my artistic career a success.
  4. I would like to one day support art further by creating a shared studio space and residency of some sort.  My plans for this are still forming.  It’s one of those things I’ll be mulling over for years — a long term goal I’m still mapping out.
  5. Lastly I want a family. I want the kids, the yard, the whole shebang.

If you could put one message on a billboard for the whole world to see, what would it be?

Action cures fear.